Kylian Mbappe


No way will they let him go now…if they only let Martial go for something like £53m you would be looking at Griezmann prices for him if not more i reckon!


I’d pay it tbh. Will be worth it when he leads us to the Quadruple in Allegri’s first season in charge :wink:


Big risk though he could flop with us, especially under Wenger, i dont know if he is leaving or not but i reckon he might still be here…£100m roughly for a player is a huge risk, he could be having the season of his life then give us seasons ala ramsey. Not proven to eb top quality for long enough how many talented superstars in the making have we seen that turn out to be 1 season wonders…but if we wanna get anywhere we have to start taking gambles as a club.


This really is a massive cliche, not even close to being the case. And for every Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand you can throw out there I’ll raise you a Zidane and a Bergkamp.


Oldschool…modern footballers, i doubt it most only play football because it is pretty much all they are good at and luckily got scouted or they are burger flippers. Yes there are obviously some clever ones out there but in general most arent the sharpest tools in the shed.


What are you basing that on? Besides thee way Wayne Rooney talks or something?

Most footballers wouldnt be millionaires without football but to say they’d be dole merchants in the main is bollocks.


So you honestly think a lot of footballers out there would be engineers, rocket scientists lab technicians (i guess most people arent either), even the great footballers like Aguero i find it hard to imagine him being ultimately brainy secularly…but then when you start looking at the rooneys vardys etc i think you are scraping the bottoms of barrels for brains.


Eh, no. And i’m unsure how you could extrapolate that from what I’ve said. There are about a million other jobs people could do between the ones you mentioned and footballer though. But you think that “almost 100%” of footballers wouldn’t be able for any of them?


Wenger will be able to add this kid to his list of " I nearly signed"


TBF i dont think any club will be able to buy him only clubs like Barca, RM and Manu because they have the pull and it also doesnt matter to them to spend 100m on 1 player and even then i doubt Monaco will let him leave without a fight!


If they feel he is worth it - Martial being the most recent similar type of example… Arsenal aren’t in that league. It is maybe 3 teams from the Prem, 2 from Spain, one in France, and one in Germany if you count Bayern, but they are a little bit of a different case.


Well, Dembele went to Dortmund. He said the club had shown interest in him way before his “breakthrough” and that this was a huge factor in the decision to go there. It can be done.


He probably looked at Dortmund as a fantastic stepping stone to Bayern


Mbappe could at us the same way on his way to a top three club. This could be the same kind of win- win situation Dortmund and Dembele are currently experiencing. However, that would require some competence on the market.


Hinault (owner of Rennes) is also owner/shareholder of Puma who on their part are sponsors of Dortmund. I think the transfer of Dembele has more to do with just ‘competence on the market’.

If we want Mbappe we’re going to have to pay.


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Doubt Wenger will ever pay the astronomical fee for a young player that it would require to get him. Maybe he’ll go to City since they already bid for him. If not Madrid, Bayern, PSG, or Barça. We’re very low on the list of possibilities.


Yep… have to pounce earlier on this sort of talent I think.


Monaco would never sell him to PSG. Would be mental. Plus Monaco are better.

Would agree with the others though. Still hope we try for him though. :wink:


Mbappè will cost not a 1€ less than how Man United paid for Martial.