Jack Wilshere


So he is leaving on a free?


I can’t remember the last time he had one of those days


well, one day. Barcelona 2011.


He played really well today. As soon as he assisted Laca in my head I was thinking that it would be so funny that the most hated player on OA assisted my most hated player to win us the first leg. Then Kosh ruined everything fucking shitter.


It’s all about what comes next bro. No matter who is appointed the next Arsenal manager none of us will have to read the same old merrygoround, ad nauseam, groundhog day shit that has killed this awesome forum.

Plus it will be super cool to see something different from The Arsenal.


Don’t worry when we lose a match due to a defensive fuck up you’ll see a lot of posts from me about how shitty the team was set up and how weak of a mentality our new manager must have in order for such terrible mistakes to occur. It’s gonna be groundhog day plenty :grin::grin::grin:


Nah it will just be blamed on the mental scarring Wenger gave the group, its going to take a good 18 months for us to rid those demons defensively.


Haha yeah I’m sure that will be used a couple times.


Haha just make sure you don’t talk your kids out of watching the game with you. I’ve had a bad year but sitting down with the old man to watch a game is never disappointing, until kick-off.


Yeah man beem missing your humor around these parts, hope your year gets better from here my dood.


Thanks man. Who knows what will come next.
The next manager might make you, me, Aussie, Trion, AC, Arsenal BFF’s for life.

Though probably not.


Fair play him. Dominated the midfield yesterday.


He’s getting his improved contract after all


Fucks sake.


Fucking hell



Typical brittons, always greedy :xhaka:


That assist against Atletico saved him haha


Promoted Wolves have put forward a big-money package and Everton are also keen, while there is interest from Italian sides AC Milan and Juventus.

Jack and Woj reunited… smoking behind the bike shed…


ffs. Hope it’s not a big increase. As he is a decent squad option to have tbh