Jack Wilshere


Surely going to the hammers proves hes not a great player.


If he was playing for managers like Pep and Klopp for a year he would have blossomed into a class player. His potential was sky high. Massive shame he hasn’t fulfilled it. You look at Ox now and see what might have been for someone with Wilshere’s talent.


He can’t make it past 65 minutes without blowing out of his arse, in a Klopp side he’d probably need subbing after half an hour haha


He might take them to the CL spots :henry2:


The season he went to Bournemouth and was voted their best player, looked as if he had managed to sort out his persistent injury problems.

He is a player that is used to playing at the top level and an England international who, a few seasons ago was being talked about as a future England and Arsenal captain, by Wenger and Hodgson.
He was also relatively young, so 30m is not too much to expect, especially looking at some of the fees we have got for some of our other players.

If we can sell Coquelin 15m, Giroud 20m, Chamberlain 40m, Walcott 20m etc, I’m sure Wilshere, even with his injury record, would have been worth 30m a couple of seasons ago.

It just seems to lose a player like him for nothing is a bit of a waste.


The season he looked to be as good as Harry Arter and Arsenal fans voted him as Bournemouth player of the year?
The same season he was benched during the vital last stretch of the season?


He fractured his ankle against spurs at the end of the season.
I don’t think he was dropped for any reason.


He was coming from the bench way before that game and didn’t start again until Surman injury.


He was knackered by January/February as players that can only last 70 minutes do. Though pretty much every Bournemouth fan I know still thinks he’s great and would love to have him.

He’s basically 30 year old Arshavin now though.


Yea that’s a load of bollox, I think we got offered about 5m for his services. Everyone knows he’s a crock and he was injured that entire transfer window. No one was offering anywhere near 30m for him


I didn’t say we were offered 30m, I just think a player like him, considering what we got for lesser players, is worth that.

But about half his waist size :grinning:


And much less hair :cowboy_hat_face:


God I can’t wait for next summer’s promotion campaign, where we’ll see Özil wearing that #10 kit he and only he deserves to wear. Arsenal Social Media will go all out with that shit lol.


Yeah I’m really not too bothered if we lose him.

£90k pw PLUS significant incentives is more than enough for a guy who can barely stay fit and can’t cement his place in the team.

I love Jackie W’s spirit and passion, and I do think on his day he can be fucking world class but he doesn’t have enough consistency to warrant any more than that contract offer.

Would Max Meyer be a suitable replacement?


No. I think Maximilian is fit for more than 10 games a season, so he wouldn’t be an ideal Jack replacement really



If and when Özil gets it I might even buy an Özil top. To celebrate him signing his new contract and getting the #1Ö


I was going to say that, if Özil does get 10, there will most likely be an increase in sales. I don’t usually get names on the back, but i’d probably do it too


M1ö Adidas top :giroud2: