Jack Wilshere


Don’t you dare break the bank for this unreliable player ffs.


100k a week no incentives, maximum.


Just read it’s over 100k hahahahahahaha


100k, it is fair.


£100,001 a week.


Really don’t think we should be giving him that kind of money. Would be pretty disappointed if we really have upped our last offer


If John Cross is truely to believed he is on 110000 per week right now. So he would take a pay cut to stay still :wink:.




Apparantly people in this thread do since the Mail got this from his article in the Mirror…


If this is even remotely true it’s conformation Ivan is has embraced a faux ideals based on an idealised version of Wenger and he plans to implement it post Wenger when this club should be moving away from Wenger’s methods and embracing pragmatic club management.

At this point in time Ivan has full operational control of this club. I doubt Wenger has instructed anyone to up the offer Jack more.

Ivan probably doesn’t want to let Jack go in fear offending Arsenal fans because he’s "one of our own’ this is a disturbing trend bring displayed by ivan where meritocracy is being neglected.

This club needs to get smarter in situation just like Jack’s contract


I’m starting to completely believe that Ivan does everything for the positive PR and nothing because he believes the club will benefit from it.


These are posts I want to disagree with but I can’t right now.

The board/Ivan are exposed here and they really have to prove opinions like that wrong.

I am worried they won’t. This, that Buvac thing (of course I’ll back him but wtf man) are weird things to hear and not for good reasons.

I’d like to hope we are just getting swayed by some media bollocks and we see Allegri in the tunnel at the start of the new season.


Why is Allegri your ideal candidate? I asked you this yesterday. He hasn’t got a good track record with youth. His style of play is not attacking.


Think he’s more attacking than people think and he is very tactically flexible. He also seems to be the biggest name that is realistic and would be something different for the short term.


So at the end of the day the reasons you gave why Tuchel was perfect really don’t matter…


Not really tbh I’d take most people.

Tuchel is still the dream but seems he is PSG bound.

In that case, something different like Allegri is something I’d be in favour of.


At least you’re honest about it and don’t want us to maintain some sort of fake culture/philosophy.

To get on topic I can live with an extension for Wilshere, even for more than 100000 per week, depending on how our summer goes further. Ramsey is still going to be our centre midfielder anyway and will not be replaced. Sadly.


Most likely scenario here is it’s a bullshit story so Everton and co up their offers.


It would be fucking disaster is this useless brainless cunt gets a new contract.
At least Bellerin can be sold for something, but this cunt? We’ll be stuck with him for years.


Clear the arrogant twat out. Apart from that good goal with Giroud, what has he done since that Barcelona game?