Jack Wilshere


Waste of fucking space. Went the last euros on dodgy playing time and done fuck all. Trying the world cup on the same agenda.
Club and country continue trying to convince themselves of something that isnt there. Stealing a living this prick.



Real captains performance from Jack today wasn’t it? Wouldn’t want to take the armband off him now.


Are you serious? He misplaced a lot of passes.


I thought everyone would just dectect the sarcasm, I suppose it can be hard at times on a forum :rofl:


Looked poor all night. Shame.


Worst player on the pitch today. So many misplaced passes.


He’s finished here.


Very poor performance from him. Can’t stand out in a game anymore it seems.


Played poorly in a dominating attacking Arsenal display, what does that say about him ?


Just came back from a knee injury (inflammation)???


How dare you, sir! He has the heart of a lion! An English lion! An English lion drinking tea with a dark chocolate Digestive! You should be ashamed of yourself!


If Santi had been in midfield tonight, we would have won 10-1. So many moves broke down because of Jack’s poor decision making and poor pass execution.


I’m glad that it’s becoming abundantly clearer with each passing game how much more valuable Ramsey is to us than Wilshere


He was crap.

My position has changed completely tbh - he can leave and I don’t think we’ll miss him at all. We will improve.




Think he’s better than he has shown recently. People just seem to go to extremes with either Ramsey or Wilshere.


He’s definitely lost whatever mojo he had.


Looks terrible again. A performance based contract is generous at this point.


Terrible again. Fed up with him.