Jack Wilshere


He is getting healthier again…

Will know more about the hold up as the negotiation goes on.

We all know Jack’s abilities.
Even if he can only play 15-20 games, it is still better to spend 30m+ on another Xhaka.


Hope not. Give him one more than season under a new manager.


Let’s be realistic his ankle which is constantly injured will never recover and is more likely to get worse if anything.

I’d rather we sign Jorginho for however much it’d cost and give him Wilshere’s wage. Bringing in Emre Can and giving him Wilshere’s wage might be more pragmatic than keeping Wilshere.


Yes, if Emre Can is coming, I will seriously consider it.
But the problem is, who will replace Jack realistically, do a better job and we do not need to over spend?



They don’t even know the reason, and then used the word “setback”.
Could be just a flu or sickness…


It’s not true.


ok… let’s see how the negotiations go on


Fake injury?


He probably just lost his passport the night before, but ol’ Crossy won’t forget the online mockery he’s endured at the hands of Arsenal fans in a hurry. So it’s a “major setback” that immediately brings to mind broken ankles etc :sunglasses:


Southgate said he’s had a tendon flare up in his knee, could be available for the next game.


No big deal, but good to be cautious…


Yeah but we have needs in defense, wing attack, GK too… If we’re going to rebuild, I’d rather jettison El Neny and Xhaka, keep Ramsey and get 2 more to add to AMN as 4th option.


Bring him home, then.


People make out about how his game time is up. What I see more is the fact he physically fades in most games and looks to go down very easily.
How many times do we need to go down this road with crocked players. Plenty of people complain of Wengers faults and then endorse his decisions to keep these players on emotional terms. Be reading this again off Arsenal fans on Cazorla by the summer. Ffs people hes a spent force and getting back amongst the pack means no sentiment but pure upgrades. If we dont we die.


I try and look at the situation in the simplest terms possible.

If he left, would he drastically improve our rivals? No.

He’s a luxury player who doesn’t warrant star player wages. If we could have signed him on a pay as you play deal then cool, but it not then we don’t need to bend over backwards to keep him happy.

Centre midfield is where we are seriously average. Losing Wilshere only creates more space to sign a proper player.


I agree with all this.
But I would prefer we keep him, even if it was on a pay as you play contract.

I also agree with this, but If Wilshere goes, it means we will need to replace him and Cazorla, and I’m not convinced we would go all out and buy the sort of world class CM we would need to be an upgrade, or even an equivalent, player for either of them.

Whoever is making the decisions in the next transfer window, has a very difficult job.
We could lose both Wilshere and Cazorla for nothing, which means the club are going to have to spend around 50m just to replace one of them, and I just can’t see that happening with more important positions that need filling.
We will need a top quality GK, CB and CM, as a minimum and it might be easier to keep hold of Wilshere and concentrate on the other positions that we are desperate for.


Not a chance of him signing anything like that. He is 26, not 36.


Just out of curiosity, which (fairly) high-profile players in the past have been playing on pay-if-you-play contracts? I honestly can only remember Harry Kewell lol, that’s a while ago.


Super Jack