Jack Wilshere


HG limit is mostly not a factor anyway. The real limit is the 17 foreigners and right now my count is 14 so we have room to sign 3, plus Mertesacker and potentially Cazorla and one of Cech and Ospina is probably off so I think we’re fine to sign 4 or 5 if necessary.


I reckon Lacazette will keep his eyes open too for a move.


90k is more than adequate for Jack.


A couple of seasons of sorting… we got rid of a bunch in the last year+, a few more this coming year, a few retiring, and we need to figure out what we got with AMN, RN, et al.

Someone will overpay for Wilshere and I reckon he is gone… prudent by AFC in this instance imho, as long as we make sure we get Ramsey tied down now.


Don’t see a need to keep him. If Ramsey is gone too we get a genuine chance to reset our midfield.


Ahh, in that case I guess we’re gonna see if he really is Arsenal through and through.


He doesn’t think so, clearly believes he’s worth more and I’ve read it’s a basic of 80K.

Probably for the best that both parties move on come summer.


Homegrown issue is never a factor while you have a functioning youth academy and just roll a few more off the conveyor belt to fill in the gaps. The problem is the overseas quota and we have breathing room to spare on that count. Our squad appears big (on the back of matchday programmes) but is actually deceptively small.


Pay as you play deal is way to harsh. Only players seriously contemplating retirement take such deals



I expect £8m might help him get over that special bond he enjoys with his fans over Twatter


A club with a backbone. That’s something I can get on board with.


Only 26 years old and NOT asking a 200k contract.
For footballing and sentimental reason, we should keep him.


I’m not won over by your reasoning if I’m honest.


Fuck you, Huss. :sanchez2:


80-100k for an England international is reasonable, also for the number of years he is with the club.
Jack has the skill set (unlike Bellerin), and under a new manager/system, he still have a good chance to shine and contribute more.

He is not asking to leave, and not asking for a huge pay raise. I don’t see why we “want” him to go.
If the Bellerin rumor is true, that we need to sell to buy, then Jack staying is another positive also. Him leaving won’t get us a single buck.

There are more positive to keep him than letting him go.


That’s supposedly what we offered him though, and he isn’t signing.


As some suggested previously, there are many reasons for signing/not signing.
Not necessarily down to “money” or loyalty issue.

Number of appearance, role on the team, number of years of contract… a lot of stuffs.
And if that Huss Fahmy story is true, probably the club is too cheap ass to pay a quid more.


Which is key really, what’s he averaging 15 games a season? You can’t rely on him playing for any period of the season. And because of his injuries his stamina isn’t very good either.


If his name was Abou he would have definitely signed by now :wink: