Jack Wilshere


Ffs jack


has been absolute fucking garbage recently.


2 shit games against fucking CSKA :xhaka:


TheBetterOption™ :rofl:


Jack Wellshit


Jack goes off and we score 5 minutes later

Makes you think :sunglasses:


We looked so much better when he exited the match, if he played the full 90 I feel we may not me in the Semi Final Draw.


Too many injuries have stopped Jack reaching his full potential. I’d keep him around the squad purely for his love of the club but if they get offered 8million then flog him .


He’ll cave and take the pay cut and hang around won’t he?


Most def. He’d rather take a pay cut here than anywhere else.



He’s not even the best Jack!


That article could very easily be headlined ‘Chuba Akpom says some shit to get his name in the paper’.


I see Chuba is smoking some of that good stuff.


Wilshere probably gave it to him.


The stuff to smoke or what to say to the media?


Cheeba Akpom



He either takes the reduced contract or leaves. Still think his side are holding out but it depends on his game and how much he impresses during this time. Still think we’re inclined to hold our position either way.


He hasn’t done anything to prove he deserves more money.

I bet for example Elneny’s new contract is less than Jack’s existing one.


Not sure why he is stalling. Hasn’t got much to bargain with.