Jack Wilshere


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Everton are prepared to pay Jack Wilshere a staggering £8 million signing-on fee to move to Goodison Park this summer.


I think this is why we’ll lose him. I’m guessing it’s sort of a Barkley situation. He’s spent his whole life since he was 17 being told he’s the best thing since sliced bread and he’s the future of Arsenal and a future captain and the rest of it. Then he supposedly gets an offer from Arsenal which is realistic but not exactly rolling out the red carpet.

I could see a player like him being seduced by a sales pitch from a club like Everton where he’ll play every week, be the star and heart of the team, be paid well and adored and get himself into the England side.


It’s still a move down the ladder and an acceptance that his top 6 club days are done already.

He should be sitting tight for the time being until the situation in the summer looks at least slightly clear cut, which is exactly what he is doing. Then he can work out if it’s in his interest to stay here under Big Weng or whoever the replacement is



Since it’s en vogue to hate on Jack with stats here are some pro-Jack stats to balance things out a bit.

12th on the second list just a few spots below Isco and Modric and ahead of Ndombele.

Disclaimer: As is necessary in any discussion involving Jack, we must state beforehand that Ramsey > Jack.


‘I am going to be honest with you and at the moment we are not going to be offering you a contract, so if you can get a contract somewhere else, you can go’. Obviously I was not happy with that, but at the same time I was happy he was being honest.


Heard West Ham want to triple his wages. :joy:

This is such a West Ham signing I can actually see it happening.


Lol they’re not going to pay him three to four times more than what pretty much all of their other players get. I think the max he’d be looking at there is around £120,000 a week.

But yeah, if they stay up it’s a plausible move. And his family support them.





“Give Wilshere a new contract because he is popular”

I think we’ve reached the stage where he should just leave now. Can’t be keeping him around just because “he is Arsenal”.


Well that’s a bit of a generalisation


The case you made for Bellerin goes for Wilshere too. Why not give him another chance under another manager?


How is it the same thing? Bellerin is 23 with 5 years left on his contract, and who I personally think has more than what we’re currently seeing. Wilshere has 3 months left on his – we’ve offered him a deal, he doesn’t want it. With his history, he isn’t worth paying more than what we’re offering.

Despite what has been said in the Bellerin thread, i’m not all about sentiment.


Wilshere should only be offered a contract on a pay-as-you-play deal. If he doesn’t want to sign it then he should go elsewhere. There sure as hell won’t be a better club coming in for him in the summer.


As much as I want Wilshere to sign a new contract I can’t see it happening, partly because I don’t think he’ll be too keen on being a squad player especially after all the games his missed over the last few years but mainly because a pay as you play type of deal could potentially leave him in a position where he’s not being paid for 6-12 months if he does his ankle again.

If I was him I wouldn’t take that type of risk.

It’ll probably be the best for the both of us if we part ways, Wilsh could get guaranteed game time & financial security somewhere else (hopefully abroad) and we could put Wilshere’s wages towards say someone like Ndombele who would take our midfield game to another level.


Really? Think Rambo would be a bigger loss, imo.


It’s not being reported as a pay as you play type deal.

Arsenal have offered Wilshere a new £90,000-a-week contract but with performance-related bonuses that could potentially take his earnings beyond his current basic £110,000-a-week salary.

But I guess the offer is dwarfed by those he’d get from clubs like Everton & West Ham because of the signing bonus.


How are we in the homegrown department? Good? Considering Jenkinson (lol), Welbeck and Wilshere may all leave


If we keep our squad as small as it is right now it doesn’t matter. We have 25 players including two 20-year olds (Mavropanos and Maitland-Niles).