Jack Wilshere


I called him lion heart because of the way he tackle, hussle, fight for the ball.



Yes but the point is that if he doesn’t do it very often then that kind of praise is pretty unwarranted


First of first… what is his role on the team, be honest???

Does he need that many tackles or we want him to do more link up, successful passing and dribbling pass the opponents?

We had a true DM in Coq, but he could not make a pass, he could not dribble, he could not move the ball upfront, and Wenger sold him.

Our team setup does not have a clear definition on whom should make more tackles and whom should defend more.
Wenger likes to use 2 CM, and Xhaka is a wreckless tackler.


Apparently, Milan want him on a free this summer.


What is it with Italian teams, always looking for Bosman deals.


Milan have no more money anymore and could be sold again this summer.


You’re the one bringing up his lionheart tackling.

But let’s see his passing is average to decent depending of the game and it’s not like he creates a lot of chances per game. Dribbles a lot but has stamina issues and it’s easy for good teams to stop him from moving. Add that he doesn’t really knows how to make himself available when off-the-ball so it’s not like he will suddenly shine in an offensive role.

True, but then again all but Elneny are getting better defensive numbers than him. And Elneny is still have more tackles than him.

Annddd I repeat you’re the one that came with the bullshit lionheart comment.


What I want to say his, his made fierce tackles.
He did not make a lot of tackles, but when he did, it was fierce, hard tackle, no nonsense.
Lion heart never meant the quantity!!!

He is doing a very decent job as a box to box., as he was never a true DM, a true AM.
He plays his role good.


This is idiocy though in my eyes, free transfer yes but i doubt he will get a better wage than what we are offering because they are fucking broke and also he has to move his family etc. I reckon he should swallow his wage after all it is a lot of money and he hasnt done much to justify an extension on bigger money, prove yourself and get better incentives if you cant do that then just fuck off we can do better anyway.


I’m with u on this ronnie, one of the only players who actually gives a rip about the club.


Thank you


Ah so that’s why he has signed a new contract… oh…


How you feel towards the club has no direct meaning on how long you are going to stay, I think??


Every player who doesn’t sign a contract is “holding the club to ransom” these days :smile:

There’s so many factors in his decision here yet we’ve taken it upon ourselves that he wants out already, why


I’ve gone full Wilshere hair cut this week. Same hair line as well, I’m finished :laca:


Sorry to hear that man, you had a good run 4c0a3c2bccfc1486f0dc01dbd8ef8a34


Show us


Let the poor man grieve in peace ffs.

Don’t you see what he’s been through?


Lmao, i feel ur pain. I’m about ready to do the same myself.


Go for a Paul Pogba instead… shave red lines into one side of your head. It’ll suit you :grin: