Jack Wilshere


I’m Jack biggest fan but it’s debatable how valuable Jack will be if we had secured him on a long term contract. I think he’ll have decent market as a free agent but I can’t see many teams paying anything close to £30m and giving him a long term deal with a big basic considering his injury record and his mixed form over the last couple of seasons.

I’m sick and tired of this club getting held hostage during contract negations tbh. The club needs to get alot smarter. Jack is hardly a key piece going forward, he’s one long term injury away from being a novelty player.

Jack hasn’t done enough to warrant anything other than a incentive based deal. It’s objectively reasonable, if he feels he can get what he wants elsewhere than fair play to him. We shouldn’t be afraid of letting players leave, his resale was always going to be minimal



Tbf those stats are actually better than I expected…if anything they made me rethink my ideas on Jack haha.

I think this is one of those cases where the truth is in between. He’s obviously not as good as Ramsey but I think the annoyance at people’s ignorance and silly claims about Jack being a preferred choice to Ramsey after his short run in the team have you guys overreacting a bit on the other (negative) end.


But this season has been the first where he has been virtually injury free, by his standards, and last season at Bournemouth he also was fit for most of the season.

If players like Sanchez want to leave, there is an inevitability about it, because we can’t offer what they want.
So to see Sanchez, like so many other top players we have had, lining up against us, rather than for us, is very frustrating.

But they are not players that we have seen come up through the youth team and who support the club.
Of all the home grown players we have had, Wilshere is one of the only ones who was worth keeping.
He has that flair and unpredictability that makes him a very good first team player.

He also has a winning mentality that so many of our players lack and to lose someone like him, and have to watch him possibly go to another PL club for free, seems like poor business.


Well you clearly rate Wilshire a lot more highly than most of us, so that explains why you are viewing this as some big failing on the club’s part. Along with the fact that you do like to complain about almost everything the club does.


Well they don’t make it very difficult :grinning:


Hahaha can’t disagree with you there tbf


We really don’t, at our best we didn’t have that much homegrown talent. At the same time Leeds were the UKIP team, probably outspending us over paying for British dross. Our British core was a failure


I can’t speak for others but for me personally I take pleasure in UK talent developing to a high level at this club. I’ll admit it partially based on semtiment but I also value the practical side where it’ll be cheaper investment in the long run instead on paying the inflated premium on mature English players later.

I understand for other people it may not matter as long as we satisfy the homegrown rules which is fair enough but as an English club we should have a health contingent of UK players in the first 11 ideally. I was disappointed we only had two English players from Arsenal in both World cup winning u-17 and u-20s squads.

I agree the British core was a failure but that shouldn’t necessarily mean we give up on promoting UK talent into the first 11. I think if we change our methods we’d find alot more success


Didn’t we always say, don’t just look at the stat sheet???

He is the one and only player that is not afraid to carry the ball up front, dribble pass opponents and has the lion heart to make tackles.

If we give other players a chance to work for the new manager, Jack absolutely deserves to have this chance also.

If he stay, he is my first choice to be the captain.


Yeah don’t look at facts, let’s just regurgitate pointless and stupid clichés.


Can’t criticise the club in regards to the Jack situation, if we sold in the summer we would have got fuck all & if gave him a big contract extension it would have been poor management given his injury history. The reality of the situation is even when healthy he isn’t at the level that’s required to be a starter for a club that SHOULD have ambition to push towards to the top of the Premier League.


statistics maybe facts but your interpretations of them sure are not.


I did not say “don’t look at”, I said “don’t just look at”.


But going back to the stat sheet he averages 1 tackle every 2 games

But the other hand he is our most technically adept midfielder

The question is do you pay him 150k a week or whatever he wants for 15 games a season? I don’t think you can. It’s not like he’s not got glaring faults such as poor stamina that sees him fall apart and his overdribbling. On 1 hand I do want to keep him but we don’t need another Diaby who was also massively talented


If no proper replacement/upgrade, to keep him is the best solution.
He is not going to ask for big money, and 100-150k is peanuts these days.



And I didn’t give any interpretation. I only called the bullshit of calling someone that barely average a tackle a game “lionhearted”.

But one interpretation I will give and I’ll stand by it is that Jack Wilshere is an average player and we shouldn’t give him a new contract.


Best thing about him leaving is Özil gets his #10 shirt :heart_eyes:


I like Wilshere but I think he’s shown in the past 2 years that he’s really not that important. And he’s not the only player on the planet capable of carrying the ball 8 yards forward.

I think the idea was if he could get some fitness he could pick up where he left off at 21 but I don’t think he’s as good as he was then and I’m sceptical if he’ll get back there again. I think he’s had a tough time reintroducing himself into this terrible team and he’s played different roles but he’s clearly not the guy to get us back control of midfield so what’s the use? And even now sometimes it feels like he’s not fit enough to do a full 90.

He’s already made it clear he doesn’t want to be a squad player and I can’t foresee him ever being a starting XI player unless we really do turn into Everton.

As much as I still like him there’s just more potential downsides than upsides to giving him what he wants. He’s never going to turn into the player we thought that 19 year old would turn into which was always the logic behind “we can’t lose him”.