Jack Wilshere




Another day, another game he ends up in someone’s pocket.

But, he’s the better option in midfield isn’t he.


I give up. If he is not good against the Ikea boys he can leave us.


He played crap; he deserves more criticism than iwobi.

Poor passing, poor marking, created nothing and mainly a passenger


Shit tonight.


Proper turd tonight, but by no means the only one.

Captain’s armband aswell, sheesh. :gabriel:


He is english as well :gabriel:



No, i meant that english player can’t play football :ozil2:


Had loads of these performances over the years. Young bloke but hes already past his best. Got a nice touch,but he gets bossed out of games easily. He really isnt a top 6 club player.


NO AL RACISMO. Love that advert


Big Roy! haha


Jack is my captain.
I don’t care if he smoke and what he smokes…
He has the fighting spirit.
He is not my #10 but he is my captain.


About the only guy that tried today. He actually got into some dangerous areas drawing fouls, and gave us a fighting chance through set pieces at the least. Mixing it up with the city cunts as well.


He wasn’t very good today, but he pushed Jesus, so redemption :sunglasses:


Pathetic, fuck this guy.


This excusery sounds like what you’d expect from a young man who has spent 90% his professional career under banter-era Wenger.


Haha. Yes!

Only got 2 numbers in the post-Arsenal loss social media bingo, disappointing.

Responding on Thursday with hard work and sticking together :sunglasses:

I didn’t have “accept cristism when we loose” though sadly


He should have had someone spell checking his post or at least read over it one more time himself.



What a fucking pillock. Everybody’s fault but the teams or Wenger’s.