Jack Wilshere


Was awful yesterday. Should really just shut the fuck up with these excuses


WTF!? Jack has had too much of Wenger’s coolaid.

The dressing room rot is worse than I thought. Somebody save this club ffs


Turns out Elneny played a social media blinder comparatively :joy:


Wenger has truly poisoned the club. Everyone is looking for an excuse after a defeat.


Can’t believe he would come out with something so pathetic and stupid. Extremely bad signs.


I disagree. Jack is just acting like a fan. And he knows what goes on out there on the pitch better than what we do. So more knowledge plus the bias of being an Arsenal supporter and now player, of course he’s going to say we were wronged. Anyways I think he makes some good points. I’ve seen free kicks given for what Aguero did to Mustafi he did give him a slight nudge. Regardless of whether or not it’s a foul, refs a lot of times react to that because the player making the slight nudge, push, creating contact, whatever, gains a massive advantage because of it. It was a pretty even match until then, had that not been given you don’t know what would have happened. Plus they really were kicking Jack all day, it might have been a slight dive when he went down to that Fernandinho challenge, but he’d been taken down and fouled a lot up until that point.


Nah it’s a really lame and pathetic post by Jack and encapsulates everything that’s wrong with the mindset that permeates the team.

It came off like if those decisions went our way it would’ve been a 50/50 contest when in fact we were comfortably outplayed by City who didn’t have to get out of 2nd gear.


Meh, I’m not psychologist and you aren’t either, i don’t trust your opinion about the psyche of the squad, it’s an assumption about the “mindset” of the team at best. By the way it was a pretty 50/50 contest in the first half and city stepped it up a gear and we never did.


I don’t need to be a psychologist to make a reasonable conclusion based of a decade plus worth of evidence.

It wasn’t 50/50 in the first half either, unless you call City giving away needless fouls an even contest, they were better then also.

You’re choosing the wrong battle to fight here tbh, it was a pathetic post Wilshere made period.


Nah, he feels aggrieved. Maybe wrongly so, it’s a bit loserish to make excuses like that, but he’s not wrong because if those decisions go the other way we coulda got lucky. A bit like the Chelsea 2nd leg. Two jammy af goals but nobody gave a shit about that once we were in the final. Papering over the cracks but a win is a win. As a fan your outlook is much different than a player. They will take that league cup and not give af how they got it.


As pep said if we play like we did in the first half vs Arsenal we won’t be going much further in the CL. I thought it was very even until Aguero scored and then city slowly took over, the 2nd half was just embarrassing.


Yeah it looks like the team gave up at that point. I mean we weren’t playing some sexy football or anything but the game was pretty even, and we had the best chance of the game up until that point. I think it’s not a stretch to say that if the Aguero thing would have been called a foul the game would have been closer. They are much better than us in every way but we could have knicked something with a bit of luck.


I mean it’s not like he’s actually representing a majority opinion among fans. Most think Mustafi was weak as shit while trying to defend which makes the biased fan opinion sound more like he’s redirecting blame or excusing some awful defending.


I dont see much wrong with the post. I mean what was you expecting?

It’s typical PR team advised BS. I reckon Jack is probably more dissapointed than anyone else in the squad with the result. He was one of few who did his utmost in a position alien to him and tried to drive us forward.

The whole aura around the club is pathetic at the moment. It doesn’t feel like anyone wants to stand up and be counted. They all seem lifeless and mundane. The only player with an ounce of winning mentality we sold to United. Can see why he was being a cunt to everyone now, probably didnt respect any of them.


If that’s a PR team’s work then they might want to look at a new line of work, because reaction to it has been almost unanimously negative and has only made things worse. Which obviously would be the case,as clearly the only thing to do is put your hands up and totally apologise for such a showing. As soon as you start talking about how the referee cost you after a performance like that you’re inviting a hiding from angry fans and mocking neutrals.

Edit: also with that fucked up spelling of criticism I can’t see past that being all Jack lol


I wonder if the former Iraqi minister of information does his PR.


It is though. Its all nicey nicey, avoid blame, typical Wenger like. Not saying it was written by the PR team, but over the years we’ve been moulded into a club that deflects blame.

Behind closed doors Jack’s thinking Mustafi is a sorry excuse for a defender and Wenger doesn’t know what day it is.


It doesn’t sound too good, tbh.

on Jack Wilshere’s contract…
It’s progressing.

on if he is hopeful…
Yes, but the decision belongs to him. At the end of the day you have to respect the decision of the player. Our desire is clear, is expressed, is numbered and after that, the player has to find satisfaction as well.


Meh. Wilshere won’t get better than us.


Which is why he should sign, but from his perspective he needs to know if it’s Big Weng or someone else next season, someone that may rate him or sideline him immediately