Jack Wilshere


He can easily get a hair transplant?


I’m sure he could. Klopp was pretty open about the fact he had one done. Conte obviously had one done but has been pretty coy about it.


A bit weird, as we only played once a week.


Its very noticeable with Wilshires performances that he fades in games. Opposition know this is another by product of dominating our midfield.


To me it seems more like when teams take it up a notch in the second half, and when they are a bit cautious in the first, that is what Arsenal can’t handle. I think Liverpool also scored three against us in the second half of the 4-0 loss. I don’t feel like we were particularly decent or good in that first half. Spurs just did more in the second.


This oldie popped up on my timeline, from 7 years ago :smiley:


Anyone know why he didn’t start against Östersund?


He’d been sick several times a few days earlier. Wenger wanted to rest him to make sure he fully recovered. Probably the best idea given the temperature in Sweden.


Left Ankle: Diaby
Right Leg: Rosicky


Nice shirt.
That’s from the 1971 Cup Final, isn’t it?
Although the shorts and socks aren’t.
Or the ball.


Was about to post that


So wtf is going on with his contract?

What has that Dean AFC prick or Arsenal Horse-shit been tweeting about this?


The Horse hasn’t tweeted since deadline day.


But what about the mole? :grin:


Maybe his mum confiscated his phone


The horse? Lol anyone worth their salt knows that the mole is the authority…


Some rumours Juventus want him on a free


Juventus want anyone available on a free.


That account very rarely tweets outside the transfer period.


Free + £1 and we can shake hands :wenger: