Jack Wilshere


@Persona was right. It’s gonna be his season :laca:


England need Wilshere as they dont have a player in his mould. The fixtures are nice and spaced out for him to…maybe they can give him some sort of contract.


So we are gonna sell him to England? :mustafi:


Not before we sell you to Arsenal Mania. :expressionless:


And you to some Crystal Palace blog :wink:


Not a Palace blog. :disappointed_relieved: ANYTHING BUT THAT.


You are from Croydon :xhaka:


Will upset a lot of Spurs fans if he was picked for the NT.




Wenger is always very open and frank in his beIN sport interviews.


They pay him well


Yeah be a cynical cunt and diminish anything anyone might find positive about the manager of the club we all know and love.

It’s his job. Fuck off lads; case closed.


More than us?



Pretty sure we were open to selling him in the summer, I guess they mean it’ll be less of a risk in jan as the fee will be lower but still


If he won’t sign a new contract or isn’t offered one then we absolutely should sell. We don’t want too much of a freebie exodus next summer.

Also, from an England point of view – I’d love to see Wilshere in the squad. When fit, Wilshere > Henderson.


Probably off to West Ham then or a similar team. Or someone like Leicester might take a punt.

Maybe we can do a double deal and send Walcott with him.


Surely no value in selling him in January - fee would be minuscule. I’d loan him if he’s itchy and assess contract situation properly in the summer.


I would take him until june, tbh. He could be useful if he kept the current level.


He’s out of contract in June