Jack Wilshere


Ok, so sell him now.


I’m well aware of that. Don’t see value in nominal fee to sell in January when we could get potentially want to sign him in May.


Fair enough. I personally think it’s better to sort it out earlier, we have enough business to deal with next summer as it is. Surely it’s better for him to know where he stands too. Besides, it might be too late by the summer – if he’s fit/playing well he could quite easily reject us and have his pick of a few clubs, who, given there is no transfer fee involved, will be willing to take a chance on him.


Agree with the point.

I’d personally sell one of Sanchez or Ozil (who represent higher value) in January for the same reasoning - one of them should’ve gone in summer for me!


Never know how injuries are going to go down late in the season. Might come down to him or Coquelin starting in an EL knockout game and he’s certainly EL level.

While we’re in a competition we’re favourites for we shouldn’t sell anybody for shitty fees. The time to fix those problems was August and if we decided to go into the season with these guys we should stick with it. We decided to write off the money to keep them so it’d be really stupid for that to be keep them until January and take a crappy fee. Either you pick finance or football and while I’m all about finance i don’t like the idea of doing both half-arsed.

If Jack keeps doing what he’s doing in the EL / League cup / FA cup and stays fit and gets the odd league game that should be enough to get him into that squad over some of the turds Southgate is picking.




Should start playing with first team now.
He is better than Elneny, Ramsey, Xhaka hands down.


Very good in the Europa League so far. Wouldn’t mind him in the league as well now.


Play him in the league


Yeah we need to start giving him league games, don’t continue to waste that opportunity before he gets injured FFS Arsene.


Yeah exactly, he is bound to get injured soon.

He’s like a free bar - make the most of it before it runs out :grinning:


Keep it up young boy Jack, love what I’m seeing!


far better than ozil too at the moment lets be honest. He has a good amount of creativity but he will actually chase a ball and give 100%. Ozil doesnt he waltzes around like a cunt.


Can’t be worse than our current options haha


Wilshëre is what Özil wishes he was :wink:


Knew @Persona was right about him :henry2:


With the mediocrity we have in our team I’m happy to put up with his flaws to see some of his strengths.


He is more dynamic than him, with a better attitude, but lacks the class of Ozil.

Saying that, he is playing better than Ozil has recently and should be starting in our first team with him.


Would’ve liked to at least see him at the 8 in these games to see how he plays there, because I’m not sure if I trust him over Ramsey despite Ramsey’s lack of positional discipline, but Wenger gonna Wenger.

In the end, we haven’t seen Wilshere in the position he’d be most useful at for the first team, we haven’t seen Nelson in a position remotely close to where he should play in the future or for the first team, we haven’t seen Maitland-Niles in the position he’s best at or would be most useful for the first team…

Truly amazing. The state of Wenger :facepalm:


Do away with the shambolic back five, we haven’t even remotely tried to acquire the kind of players it takes to play with 3 center backs and wing backs. Then play a 3 man midfield of Jack/Rambo/Xhaka and shift Ozil and Alexis to wide right and left respectively.