Jack Wilshere


It almost feels like people are knocking him for the sake of it at times because he’s such a joy to watch, the only thing that can be really used against him is his injury history.

Don’t get me wrong I can fully understand where people are coming from with their doubts surrounding his durability but not having him in and around the first team as a result of it yeah I don’t really get that either, it’s a strange one.

Anyway Jack’s Back! :syringe::syringe::syringe::syringe:


If we are going to offer an extension, and he’s going to accept, we should use him as a squad player for at least the short term. I don’t feel like we can take a risk with him as our starting centre midfielder for the 45 odd games we play in a season.


I’m not sure anyone is expecting him to start 45 games a season. That is just ridiculous. But on his day he is as good as (if not better) than the options we have so he should at least be getting a look in in bigger games than Doncaster and BATE. Yeah he might get injured again when shit English players decide to go in on him, but you can’t base your life around what “might” happen.

We should be making use of a fit Wilshere while it lasts in my opinion. He’s more like an artist than a footballer when he is on form and so exciting to watch.


His quality has never been in question. I’m refusing to jump on the hype train as an injury is only round the corner.


^^ Exactly. The number of repeat injuries he’s had, it’s really quite interesting how people are grasping for reasons why his record should be relegated to unimportance. Yeah he’s a great talent, yes play him while he’s the best option, but he will get injured again. Because he’s Jack Wilshere


Isn’t one of the purposes of squad planning anticipating on what might happen with players during a season? Not taking into account that Wilshere is awfully injury prone when we go on the market next winter or summer seems like a not smart move.


So why play him in any game at all then? No point if he’ll just get injured, right? I never said we shouldn’t take his injury record into account or that we shouldn’t look to buy anyone else. All I said was that when fit he is a good player and we should be utilizing that while we still can and I stand by that view. I don’t think leaving out good players based on what might happen is a smart move.


Because playing him less and pick the right matches will offer more opportunities to rest and recover from the workload. If players have a higher workload and less opportunities to rest, the chances for injuries will increase. Not saying he won’t get injured, but the chances get slimmer. Something they should take into consideration with Wilshere.


I think we’re going round in circles here. I never said any of these things. I never said he should play in lots of games. I never said he shouldn’t be given opportunities to rest. I said he should be given more chances in bigger matches, such as PL games. That doesn’t mean I want him as a starter in every game this season, as i said earlier, that’s a ridiculous idea. I actually agree with you that we should be careful about over-using him.

But he is a decent player and only playing him against fodder is a wasted opportunity.


I think we should try and get jack into our starting 11 some how


Wilshere will not get into the starting 11 this season even if he stays fit for an eternity and puts the world at his feet each time he touches the ball. Wenger won’t do it, he is stubborn as fuck. He will use him as part player for cups and rotation even if he is a world beater.

If he stays fit this season, only after next pre-season Wenger might decide to start him and plan around him.
The only way Wilshere would win a first team place this year regularly will be if others before him in the pecking order get injured long-term.


Doing dirt atm :fire:

But yeah, chances of returning to the first team fold may be slim to none this season. Usually takes an injury to break up Wenger’s starting XI.


He’s gone to Manchester City anyway :smile:.


He was excellent last night

Just hope he can stay fit and get in to the team


Wouldn’t be surprised tbh, it would be very Arsenal for him to get his form and fitness back this season just in time to fuck off on a free to a better club.


This. People have to remember he has barely played for us in a few years and his latest impressive performances have come against who exactly? Doncaster and BATE???

Having said that, he is showing that he can recapture that little bit of extra magic that a potentially top player needs and I would definitely like to see him more this year to get a sense for how he stands up. I wouldn’t be against re-signing him now assuming it isn’t for some exorbitant number. Wilshere will look at Ox and think “hmmm, maybe the grass isn’t greener” and stay I hope.


I see him staying.

He won’t be signing for a top team if he leaves and will need to join a smaller club to rebuild his reputation which I’m sure he can do but given his injury record it may take incredibly long or not happen fully at all.

He wouldn’t have it as good as he has it here anywhere else and I doubt Wenger could take both him and Chamberlain leaving within a year of each other, it would damn near kill him.


Wenger has been able to take Cesc, Nasri, and Clichy fucking off in the same summer, van Persie leaving and publishing a note in public openly questioning him, he’s been able to take the decline of the club to below Tottenham status, he’s been able to take losing the league to Leicester, he’s been able to take falling out of Champions League spots and finishing below Tottenham…he will this summer take the loss of Alexis and Özil. Wenger can take anything (and still convince himself he is the best man for the job) as long as he keeps his job and his delusion of fixing things himself, that much is clear at this point.


He is gonna lead us to european glory :wink: