Jack Wilshere


Well said.

Had bags of talent and Wenger kept faith in him and he repaid it by partying, smoking and fucking about…

Fuck him - let him be injured at another club.


We need to let him go since Ramsey and Xhaka are going nowhere. His place in the squad is needed.


He’s getting as annoying as Joey Barton. Why can’t he just be humble and work hard to get himself back to a higher level. It really beggars belief.


If I thought we are going to get an upgrade on Wilshere I would say let him go.
But because he is at the end of his contract it, means we aren’t getting any money for him.
So if we give him a new contract, we will;l be getting a player, who is an experienced international, who has played in the PL at the top level, for nothing.

If it doesn’t work out, then at least we can sell him for a fee.


If we hold onto Wilshere that means we will not be signing any central midfielders this season.

There is no way we’re going to add to Xhaka, Ramsey, Elneny, Wilshere and AMN without getting rid of one first.


Depends on the system maybe. If we intend to play 3 central midfielders, we should have 6 at our disposal. Then again it also depends on where Emery deploys Ozil.


Orrrrrr we can’t shift him and end up saddled with him for the duration of his contract.

I know which one I’d put my money on.


Emery is going to play 4-2-3-1. Ozil has to be #10.


But it’s not like he is our worst player.
He is still quite young and if he has a decent season like he did this seasons, or when he was Bournemouth’s best player, I’m sure a club like Everton or West Ham will give us 15m at least, for him.

As I said, if we were getting rid of him and getting a top quality upgrade, I would have no problem with it, but when does that ever happen?


He’s a failed project though. Plays out of his skin come contract time of course.

We’re going in a new direction and hopefully ditching the crocks. Time to move on. He’ll find his level at a mid-table club and good luck to him.


Giroud went in January and we got Aubameyang.

That was less than six months ago and about as clear an example of a top quality upgrade as you could wish for.

It isn’t Football Manager, you don’t offer a player a contract so you can get a transfer fee for him a season later.

He’s never cutting it here, you need to let it go man. He’s done here.


Wilshere absolutely needs to get sold, as Ramsey is considered our main midfielder and i think Xhaka will be given another chance.


We have Adli now, to which I’m sure as part of the deal means he’s been guaranteed some form of game time. Possibly Europa/Cups. Jack really isn’t going to be starting in the first 11 on PL days either, even with RamXhÖzil being the core, and possibly adding another CM on top of that.

I think he’ll have his name pushed around some of the mid table clubs where he realistically could earn more.


So did our best player, and arguably the best player in the PL, although we got Mkhitayran.
We broke even, and that transfer window was by far and away the best under Wenger, so it certainly wasn’t the norm.


That doesn’t need to be our concern. Just take the offer of the table. I’ve alot of sympathy for Wilshere, but my need to see a new midfielder is bigger. Since Ramsey is involved in (away) shirt presentation I reckon they came together.


He’s shit and contracts cost money, just get rid of him already.


his biological age is 35 and we cant keep giving these players 150 k a week wages. get rid.


For everybody who is slagging off Jack, I have to say, I’m feckin disappointed that I didn’t get in the England squad instead of bloody Fabian Delph…And I’m a fat 55 year old…He really has to be the worst England player EVER…


You’ve shifted the goalposts so much I can no longer see them.


Sanogo had the same problem tbh.