Jack Wilshere


Question is…are we going to sell him for cheap?


Well he’s very publicly out of contract…


Thought we had a year left with him. Oh well my bad.


Time to move on and CP seems about right to hopefully reignite his career a bit. Can use his wages more effectively.


I’d rather not lose him. Maybe a loan to CP? They have a pretty nice team he could gel with, Zaha is really influential and Benteke when he’s on form is clinical. Would be different to Bournemouth since he was only there for fitness. Perhaps it’s too late to save his Arsenal career but after all the hype when he was younger and Wilshere being a big Arsenal fan himself it’d be disappointing to end like this


Benteke on form is clinical? Benteke is never on form then.


He was bad last season but for Villa and Palace 2 seasons ago he scored a decent amount


I’m sure the board and the management are actively trying to get him to sign a contract. Even if he’s not going to be a first team player, he’s still worth ~20m, money that could come in handy in the future.

As long as he’s not demanding excessive figures, I see no reason why he shouldn’t be given a contract. He hasn’t been significantly worse than our other midfielders this season (except Ramsey perhaps), and things could change under a new manager. He’s certainly shown that he still has some talent (against Chelsea for instance).

If things don’t work out, you can always sell him next window.


He has been able to talk to other clubs since June 1st. He’d just be shitting on whoever he spoke to if he signed a new contract with us now. He’s gone. Just a matter of when the announcement gets made.


He wants a huge wage and you can’t sell a mediocre player on a huge wage. He’s gone


He’s still counting!


Its getting too much now. #NoNewContract


He’s clearly milking it now.


What is it he’s counting?


Think days since he was left out the England World Cup squad haha


Who even gives a shit anymore. It’s embarrassing that he’s still making it a thing.


21 days triggering folk. Well in Jack! :rofl:


cant imagine sane doing this and he has more of a reason for a call up, goes to show how childish in his mentality is really. If he acts like this we should get shot of him his attitude is shit and totally embarassing


Wilshere acting like it’s a Leroy Sane type omission :flushed:


Exactly the type of attitude that’s got him where he is. Out of contract and out of the world cup. It’ll all hit him far too late, Merson-style.