Jack Wilshere


He can negotiate with any team 6 months prior his contract expiracy date.


No. That’s incorrect. He can’t negotiate with other English clubs until a month before expiry. (Or possibly the end of the season but I’m pretty sure I read a month somewhere previously).


I love playing football manager and I prefer to start from the conference and work my way up with one club.

You are correct sham. A month before July 31st is where I sign most of my english players


Not really.
You said:

But forgot to mention that we had also sold Sanchez, who was the best attacking player we have had since we’ve been at the Emirates.
If that’s the only example of an upgrade we have had, it’s not that great.


Edit ffs didn’t realise it’s from November 2016 lol


Ffs you just got my hopes up !


Had a weird dream last night that Jack literally joined my sunday league team. It was an odd parallel universe where he had just been released by Spurs (he joined them after he left Arsenal).
As most of us were gooners in the dressing room, we hated him and gave him stick.

Now I don’t like him anymore.


This is what you asked. You literally only have to go back to the end of January to find the perfect example of us getting rid of someone and getting a top quality upgrade.

You know that this example offered is a good one and that you should obviously have remembered it, because it happened just months ago.

You are now shifting the goalposts by bringing Sanchez into it, instead of just saying “fair play, I forgot about that one”. Sanchez was replaced by Mkhitaryan, it was a swap deal so this couldn’t be more literally the case. Auba was a separate deal altogether, and he represents a top quality upgrade on Giroud, the player we decided to sell in order to make the Auba deal possible.

Oh, and each to their own and all, but Sanchez isn’t the best attacker we’ve had since moving to the Emirates. Both Cesc and van Persie were better for a start. But as I said, each to their own.


Ok, so we did it once, although if you are going to sell your best player, then that should be the bare minimum, because there is no way a Man U player that couldn’t get a regular starting place, is an adequate replacement for one of the best players in the PL.

But I will be impressed if you can think of any other window where we sold a top quality player and replaced them with a better player.


Why does it now have to be a top quality player we sold? That’s a new parameter you’ve just introduced now and I’m not sure why. This is what I mean about shifting the goalposts, slightly changing the terms of the discussion because it suits you to do so.

Anyway, I don’t have to think of any more examples, I’m not really trying to argue that we regularly do that. You asked for one example and I gave you a very recent and clear example of us doing exactly that.


Lol this guy. Loyalty payment. Get in the sea


Unless that shit is in the small print he can get fucked.

This is business son.


That’s what Jack is thinking too no doubt.


Theres no grey area here. He’s either due the money or he’s not. The contact will be crystal clear on it and it won’t in any way complicate his departure. He’ll still leave either way.


^^^ THIS

No need to input emotions here…


Apparently he likes to take his kids to Centre Parcs, which is kind of cute


yes very cute indeed. but bye bye Jack no new contract #seeYaJack


That explains why he needs the loyalty bonus then




lol didnt realise it was from Jack himself. Weird way of saying goodbye really.