Chelsea v Arsenal (Premier League)


Yeah, he said he’d like to one day move to La Liga and play for Madrid or Barça. He’s said it a few times tbh, what you say there, even Song didn’t say that shit in the media. I don’t see other similar players of his level saying shit like that. And if you read between the lines a bit his attitude would suggest he really thought he was destined for that kind of move…it takes a lot for Wenger to come out and publicly comment on a player and his attitude mindset on the pitch, as he did in 14-15, when Ramsey came out with his one hit wonder season in 13-14 threatening to explode his big head, saying that Ramsey needed to stop thinking about worrying trying to score so many goals and do the simple things right again…Wenger never even commented negatively in the public about Adebayor’s attitude on the pitch…


Yep, we should have recalled jack at this point. We are going with a youngster and a winger in the middle tomorrow :facepalm:


Why the fuck is having ambition a bad thing?


I can’t decide which is more ridiculous, putting in Cech over Courtois, or putting in Cahill over Koscielny.


It’s not, that’s kinda the point, people shit on Fábregas but he did what absolutely anyone and everyone in his position would’ve done. What is a bad thing is having questionable attitude and preparation, thinking you’re a lot better than you are and doing dumb shit on the pitch, in general being shit on the pitch, and having the dullest personality known to man. And also there’s a difference between ambition and delusion.


Remember what i said about vilifying because you don’t like them? This is exactly that.

I implore you to reflect on things like ‘he has the personality of a cunt’ and just consider how those obscure things come accross.


I expect us to play really well and commit to the game but lose regardless, thanks to Chelsea’s superior tactical awareness, better efficiency and overall greater quality. 2-1


We will lose and Wenger will say something about mental strength at the end.


What would you rather he do? Turn into Mourinho and blame players?


I’ve actually changed my mind about this game. I’ve decided we’re going to be that team who do the double over the champions each season but still finish 15 points below them.


Ozil going to show up?

or not, as usual?


That’s right up there withe the ‘most points in 2015’ trophy. :slight_smile:


Tbf Sanchez comes into that category in big games on the road.
Its a reason I think they are both slightly overrated here imo.


yeah Ozil does fuck all and Sanchez hoggs the ball, trying difficult stuff to make himself look good

expect a comfortable defeat, a top modeller reckons we’re only around 50% to get in top 4


Meltdown in less than 24 hours :stuck_out_tongue:


Jesus, if Sanchez and Özil are rubbish, over rated and go missing, where does that leave the rest of our team?!

Hate the way our best players get criticised! Why would anyone decent want to come here if they won’t be appreciated?!


Going to be optimistic and go for a 1-2 arsenal win


Alexis always bangs on about winning the CL yet he routinely serves up utter shite in the L16 matches. His sloppiness and inefficiency becomes a hinderance to the team


So we should never criticise them sorely because they are our best players? Ridiculous view to have IMO


Does he?

Also you mean in the two (four to be pedantic) of those he’s played here so far?