Championship Playoffs 2017


1-0 to Huddersfield so far.
Huddersfield still leading.
3-2 Huddersfield atm. That first penalty could cost Sheffield the game.
Huddersfield miss! And Sheffield miss as well. Huddersfield reach the final!


Of course Huddersfield won. They went first - they had the advantage. WE NEED ABBA AND WE NEED IT NOW!


they better beat Reading in the finals, we’ve never had Huddersfield in the Prem and it’s always nice to have new teams


Aussie nerves of steal :eyes:


Gonna be some story if Huddersfield come up. Wagner has done some job. So deserved more than that boring nothing club Reading.

Last season they finished 6th bottom!!


Huddersfield had the German advantage when it came to the shoot out. Were never going to lose once it went to Penalties. Shame for Wednesday. I guess if Huddersfield were to go up, there’s always that Herbert Chapham connection we have with them.


two teams in the play offs this season that finished near the bottom last season, impressive. Shame about Charlton though


v Huddersfield was my first proper game at Highbury…we won 1-0 just the way we like it…
Also Herbies team before us…


Monday 29 May 3PM

Who is winning the 2017 Championship Playoff Final?

  • Reading
  • Huddersfield

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Hope town go up even if they beat us the cunts. Second most expensive squad in the championship and can’t do anything with it…




Feel for sheff Wed, but hope huddersfield get in Prem.
I remember seeing huddersfield play us in about 1970 ish.
They beat us 2-1 and I remember Frank Worthington scored one or two.
Never heard of frank until then. Ray Kennedy scored our goal.
Remember it was a right ball ache catching loads of trains because my mate wouldn’t thumb/hitch-hike.
Trevor cherry played as well. He went to Leeds .


Hudderfield vs Reading today for promotion to the Prem.

Who is your money on?


Got a feeling Reading will do it, they have a knack of returning to the Premier League.


Come on Huddersfield!!


Huddersfield, via a penalty shootout.

Has any team ever been promoted with a negative goal difference before?




want to see a new team in the prem, so Huddersfield for me




Deary me, this game is bad. Huddersfield aren’t exactly setting the excitement scale on fire but at least they’re not Reading - so so dull. Thankfully their play off record reads like this: LLLLL. Here’s hoping for another L.