Championship Playoffs 2017


Just tuned in already bored


All Picard has to do is say make it so number 1…


Penalties drama :giroud:


£170,000,000 hanging on these pens lol, shocking.


Worth more than any CL game…


We deserve a penalty shootout after sitting through 120 minutes of that!


Is it the ABBA pens?



Reading with some good pens!


Hahaha jinxed them! Awful pen.


Not that last one :joy:

The last two!! :joy:




Reading missed it. Chance for Huddersfield to equalize!
3-3! Saved!
Huddersfield are promoted!


You truly are a magician. Can you attend all our Europa League games next season? :hipster:



Fuck off Reading


Unlucky, Jaap.

Well done Huddersfield City


Class from us yet again :sunglasses:


Sports pages will be gutted tomorrow. A great chance for an excellent pun has gone.

“Schindler’s missed”


Ugh… Why is everyone that is speaking to the interviewers a German?


Herbies clubs…

Shouldnt they just be raising a giant cheque?


Delighted for Huddersfield!



Lovely away trip on the cards next season yay :+1::sunglasses:

I feel like they deserved it over the season and also the playoffs considering what happened in the Fulham/Reading games


Fair play to Huddersfield, they’ve been in the dolldrums for years and from absolutely nowhere they’ve pulled off an unlikely promotion. I remember the days when they used to have Marcus Stewart as their lead striker and one year they challenged for promotion, must’ve been late 90s or early 00s. Best of luck to them next season. I think the main concern though is they struggled some what and need to invest a lot to stay up next season compared to Newcastle and Brighton.

Nonetheless, the three teams that went up last season were all terribly uninteresting, but the three this season, much more intriging storylines for next season :+1:


haha the Huddersfield manager’s name reminds me of this