Championship Playoffs 2017


Only one season.


Two :wink:

They finished like 7th in 2006/07 then went down on the last day of 2007/08


I thought they managed one Cinderella season, I remember they were going well one year and Henry silenced the Madejski by scoring before they touched the ball.


Like a lot of people on here I wanted Fulham but I have been impressed with the way Stam has turned Reading round.
I would prefer them to go up.
Both he and Hughton have proved themselves, and I think there will be a few clubs looking at them when the usual manager merry-go-round gets going.
They are potentially very good managers.


Sheffield-Huddersfield today. Can see the Owls going through.


Hillsborough is such an atmospheric stadium, need it back in the Premier League to counter balance the boring bowls


The noise at Hillsborough is incredible!

I hope they can hang on to the lead.


Hillsborough is a ground that we will struggle at if they get promoted, in saying that I wouldn’t mind them back as they were in the top flight when I started following the Premier League.


Oh christ! Do you start so soon? :mustafi:


Ah crap, it’s 1-1. Glad there is no away goal rule in the playoffs!


was it sheff wed that beat us in the cup last year?


Yeah 3-0.


they kicked us around the whole game if I remember correctly, would rather Huddersfield go up now that Fulham cant


Extra time.


Hope no one scores. We’ve come this close to a penalties don’t ruin it!!!


Come on Huddersfield… Fucking hate Weds… That song used to be good when we sang it…
And fuck their poxy band aswell…






Love penalties. Haven’t seen a shootout for a while. It’s gonna be harsh on whoever loses this.


I didn’t even realise away goals didn’t count in the Championship playoffs :eyes: