Cazorla Replacement


These stats mostly confirm you’re a bit challenged. Or Sean Spicer.


I don’t understand…


Jorginho has shown so far he has been able to complete one strong campaign for Napoli. But nothing more.

No longer am I convinced by his quality.


Well, at least you’re not Sean Spicer. Let me help you:


This screen confirm my idea: Santi Cazorla and Dahoud are two different players which play in two differents roles. I posted the screen about the playmaker qualities because to replace Cazorla we need another playmaker, not a box to box or a midfielder with different attitudes.

Dahoud is very good, I would like to see him with us because has all the qualities to become a world class player, but isn’t a playmaker.


They don’t though, the only thing this confirms is that stats don’t tell the whole story.

Diawara did bring a better balance to the Napoli side than Jorginho did especially after their slow start to the season, but even with Jorginho’s below par season he hasn’t been anywhere as bad as you’ve made him out to be, they way you’ve described him up til now you’ve made him sound like Flamini.


This screen confirms nothing.

  1. It is absolutely silly to show totals. How surprising that someone who’s played significantly more minutes has better overall production. My “comparison” was intended to show just that.
  2. The number of passes played says virtually nothing about an individual’s play-making ability, just how much he’s on the ball within the team’s tactical framework
  3. I don’t buy your “last season for Santi because of injury” argument. You chose last season because this season Santi’s production in chances created and keypasses has been way down in comparison to 15/16 and is basically on par with Dahoud.
  4. Lastly, Dahoud turned 21 last month (At Dahoud’s age, Santi was on loan at Recreativo Huelva). He’s also playing in a team that has been in crisis for most of the season. Direct stat comparisons fall flat on that alone and reach dubious level, when stats (and even seasons) are selected in way that intend to make someone look bad.


Cazorla is an attacking midfielder turned into a deep-lying playmaker by accident. The finesse and drive forward are coming from his education as an offensive player and from the first 12 years of his playing career as an offensive player. Can we replace an player like that, with his experience on other positions and in other roles, like for like? Because that seems impossible.


I gotta be honestly I’m not entirely convinced of yours or Maxi’s judgment of Napoli players since this little debate at the start of the season.



@Titou14 and I confirm that, there isn’t much difference between Gabriel Paulista and Koulibaly. In my opinion Raul Albiol is the great defender, not Koulibaly. In fact, without Albiol, Napoli defense have been horrible this season.


Fair do’s we’ve all got our own opinions.


Koulibaly is not a very good player. He has similar lapses in concentration to players like Gabriel and so far his career is one very strong season. Albiol has been key to this like Maxi says.


Would love Mata here. I am still fuming for the fact we missed out on him in 2011.



@A.F. likes this.


Yeah, I like Kampl and he is an Arsenal fan.

“England has its own charm and London is a unique place,” Kampl told Slovenian daily sports newspaper Ekipa. "There’s also Arsenal, the club that I like very much because of their style of football.

"Sometimes when I watch their games, I close my eyes and dream of how it would be if I was there playing for them.

“This certainly is a dream and I hope that one day it will come true for me which is why I’m always giving my all during training sessions.”


That’s the way to watch Arsenal, Kevin. Keep those eyes closed.



I would rather have Koke if Arsenal go Spanish. He seems to fit the mold of the ‘deep-lying playermaker’ better than Isco.


Yeah, I can’t see Koke leaving Atleti anytime soon tho Isco’s defintly off at the end of the season, anyway if I had to choose between the two I’d go with Isco & play Xhaka in the #6 role Isco in the #8 and Özil in the #10.