Cazorla Replacement


Can see Koke leaving if/when Simeone does.

Club could pull off a coup by getting a twofer, I have little hope in getting even one of them though.


Y’know what I forgot Simone’s gonna be leaving Atleti soon, you’ve just raised hopes that I didn’t even know I had, that said like you I won’t be holding my breath, we’ll probably still be looking tactically naive under Wenger next season lol.

@SDGooner I take it back I’d take Koke all day purely for the balance of the midfield even if he’s not as ascetically pleasing on the eye as Isco is.


Yeah, a Xhaka-Isco-Özil midfield scares me defensively, lol.


who needs to defend when your midfield has an xA90 of about 12.

:smile: no seriously, fuck that midfield.


And a Xhaka-Coq-Ozil doesn’t? lol

The way we defend as a team, what’s the point of using defensive midfielders…


Where did I say that? Everything about a Xhaka-Coq midfield under Wenger scares me.


I am for it, but @AbouCuellar disagrees :xhaka:


I mean, I wouldn’t turn Isco down, but I think there are better, less obvious options out there. Names like Naby Keita, Leandro Paredes, etc.


Isco would work if we adopted a new system, tbh.


So he could work if we got a new manager in other words.


I kinda disagree’d too, but I’d still take Isco ina heart beat even if it meant looking a little susceptible defensively it would beat having to watch the likes of Ramsey, Elneny & Coquelin just pass for the sake of passing :expressionless:


His replacement is currently at Bournemouth.


Isco Coquelin Xhaka

I meant something like this.




Harry Arter not good enough for us though.


Actually wouldn’t mind giving Arter a chance. Looks like a very good CM. Let’s see how he does at a top club. Surman aswell is decent.


Although it may seem like it with Elneny, Gabriel, Campbell, etc., the job of the club is not to give chances to decent footballers (rather generous to Gabriel there, but you’ll see where I’m going with this) to let them get a taste of the top level just for kicks.

Better options out there.


I agree but wouldn’t turn my nose up at an Arter signing. Never going to happen though as I don’t even think the shit newspapers like the star have ever linked him to us.


With Cazorla finished, we have an opportunity here to bring in a top class central midfielder that we so obviously need. If we don’t, then expect the same shit next season getting steam rolled through the middle of the park and not being able to control a game.


I wouldn’t want Arter playing for Arsenal. That’s an Everton level move right there.