Cazorla Replacement


Kroos, Thiago or Verratti but their basically pipe dreams like Midfield Maestro, SRCJJ & co said so realistically

I was tempted to say Trigueros but I think Villarreal might just be the perfect fit/ level for him, I like his game tho he can swivel on a six pence nicely, has an eye for a pass & is pretty decent defensively too.


Isco is just a spanish version of Jack Wilshere. Putting him at CM for us and asking him to be as defensively good as he’d need to be would be a major risk.


I’d put Denis Suárez in that boat too.


Totally agreed.


I think that’s a little harsh on Isco he’s quite a bit more tactically astute and isn’t prone to over dribbling and what not.

There are other’s I’d rather have as Santi’s replacement though.

@Titou14 How could I forget Weigl, such a classy and mature player for his age.


Would you have ever thought Cazorla would have become a deep-lying playmaker?


He totally is. Madridistas #1 gripe with him, and if you watch him it’s fair enough, is that he doesn’t know when to release the ball. I think it was you who (rightly, IMO) mentioned the other day that knowing when to release the ball is one of the most underrated attributes in players, well if that’s your opinion Isco in his current version would not be to your liking.


Got to say I don’t see that as much when I watch Real play, then again it’s only recently that he’s got a good run in the team.

Isco isn’t the finished article so maybe those traits can be ironed out.


Dahoud is a box to box, Jorginho isn’t performing well this year, but basically they aren’t mobile playmakers like Cazorla.


[quote=“Maxi_Gooner, post:49, topic:1203, full:true”]
Dahoud is a box to box[/quote]

He is a #8 but he’s pretty much got everything in his locker that you’d want from deep lying playmaker, just like Santi did when he was playing on the wing / attacking mid back at Villarreal and Malaga & that didn’t stop him becoming our little midfield maestro.

[quote=“Maxi_Gooner, post:49, topic:1203, full:true”]
Jorginho isn’t performing well this year[/quote]

I’m not to sure what your point is here, just because he’s not the heart beat of Sarri’s side this season (Hamsik’s on flames) doesn’t mean his not the same player he was last season or the one that was pulling the strings for Hellas Verona back in Serie B with Abel Hernandez.

Jorginho’s shown his class consistently now for atleast 5-6 seasons which is why with only 18 months left on his contract (I think) his getting linked with moves to the likes of Psg & co.

:grinning: neither is Santi, shit if he could run Coquelin would probably still be at Charlton.


If only Mullins was still here… he had a good opinion on midfielders.





Santo, Ramsey and Alex are all wasted playing front of back four. None of them are defensively minded. They all go to pieces when we lose the ball. Look great when we have the ball but are out of their depth when it comes to helpjng out our defence.
That my children is why we look lost every time someone runs at our midfield.
we need coaches first. All great clubs have a great manager.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we are not great and we haven’t been for a long long time.
I’m not bother what team you start with it goes nowhere without the right msn in charge.


They are two different players, and these stats confirm that.

I considered this season for Dahoud because he is free to play the ball without a proper playmaker like Xhaka and considered last season for Santi because of the injury.


Fuck Dahoud. Guys a newb.


Juan mata would be a great replacemente if he were a realistic target.

Mikhtharyan is also very similar.


If we ever sign Dahoud I have first dibs on Boyz in Dahoud FPL name lads thanks


When Sarri decided to replace him with Diawara, every Napoli fan was on fire because they were tired of him. Last season has played very well, ok, but this season has been terrible many times thanks to a lack of timing, lack of vision, he conceded some goals because of mistakes in front of the defense, poor stats about ball recoveries, lack of intelligence about the tackles. He is not more and not less than a good squad player for a team like Napoli.