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No people reacted inappropriately to be honest; GG is 21 her concept of what a big club is has been natured in the last 10 years, thus looking back you can say to a point that yeah arsenal wasn’t a big club compared to today.

Now since you older back then was seemingly reasonably a big club, but nobody can deny that for company and comparison we had clubs like Newcastle et all.

People get way to offended for no reason; rather than losing their collective shit should really see the change in enficise of big to now and then.


Sorry but age is such a massive cop out. A lot of us on here are in our twenties but we don’t feel the need to use the “it was before my time” line. But if someone is that ignorant on the past because they are apparently too young then they really shouldn’t be speaking about it like an expert and telling other people what their best memories should be.


No one is getting offended.
But when someone posts stuff and tells other people, that were there, what happened and what is was like, when she hasn’t got a clue, then what are we supposed to do?


Was it not you who had a pop about people that weren’t their acting as if they new what it was like, now your saying to claim your to young is a cop out? Make up your mind lol


Here we go.


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I’m 27 so it’s not really that different, me and GG are clearly of the same generation and have both only ever really known Arsenal under Wenger (though my first ever trip to Highbury was pre Wenger). The difference is that I’m not as ardent a Wenger supporter, so I don’t make statements denigrating what went before in order to aggrandise what Wenger has done. Becase you don’t need to say that Arsenal weren’t a big club before Wenger in order to talk up his achievements, because they can be praised and respected without drawing comparisons to the achievements of other managers. What Wenger did was fucking legendary.

As I’ve sad a couple times now, GG made good points and now she has backed down somewhat from saying we weren’t a big club, there’s nothing for me to really disagree with.

Yes I can deny that we had clubs like Newcastle for company, because it’s bullshit lol. They last won the league in 1927 and the FA Cup in 1955, we haven’t been in their company since the 20s lol. Yeah they came 2nd a couple of times in the 90s around the time Wenger joined, that doesn’t make them as big a club as us.


Nobody ever said they were as sucsessful as us, I think the comparison was more to do with fan base maybe?


That’s one indicator of what it means to be a big club, but one of the less important ones. The bigger and most important measure of how big a club you are is what you’ve achieved throughout your history


I hate the international breaks. It clearly brings out the worst in a OA member.


nobody ever made the argument that Newcastle, Everton etc were as sucsessful as us, Just that they were a lot closer in stature to the club arsenal were before wenger than they currently are now


Been reading up on Arsenals greatest moments in history and you’ll be hard pushed to find people of our generstion that hold Anfield 89 in higher regard to the invincibles. But then the beauty of having a club with as rich a history as we have is that it’s okay to disagree over these wonderful moments.

Anyone here have any recollection of the 1979 FA Cup final? A bloke i used to sit next to reckoned that and that alone was his best memory. Arseblog captures the magic of it quite well, but the writer was a kid at the time.

For me, weirdly, that first FA Cup, the one against Hull. Pure, raw emotion, literal ecstasy.


Anyone here remember Herbert Chapman? Now that’s the guy that really put us on the map!


I don’t think the issue is that people prefer the Invincibles. The issue is the complete disregard shown for our history pre-Wenger.



:rofl: do you wanna go to war ba-la-kay? cus we could go to war!


That was the most exciting Cup Final I have seen us in.
We were 2-0 with a few minutes left and Man U got two quick goals and then we managed to score right at the end to win it.
The FA Cup against Liverpool in 1971 was good as well, especially the winning goal.

As I said before, the Invincibles was the best season and the best team, and winning the league against Liverpool was the best match and most exciting way to win the League title.




I just put that video on again after posting the GIF.


Yes using your age as an excuse for ignorance is most definitely a cop out. Not just in football, but in any walk of life.

I have no problem with her having an opinion on a period she wasn’t born in. It was her lack of respect and knowledge of said period which caused the disagreements.

I’d just like everyone to be clued up on the history of the club they support. And on history in general actually. But that’s probably a bit too much to ask.


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