Arsène Wenger


We will let you off this time, but don’t let it happen again.


Tbf with kids, theres days when losing to Birmingham in the League cup can seem okay. So overrated at times.


Not a cop out when at 21 you aren’t going to think like a middle aged person who thinks everything was better in the 90’s


My best memory personally is recent, the FA Cup final win v Chelsea. We were heavily unfancied by ‘experts’ in media and then we outplayed Chelsea, I was emotional at full time, pure euphoria. And this was a Wenger masterclass… unless we won PL or CL that game won’t be topped


I am sure every club can name events which were greatest for them.
Leicester won PL and that shall remain the biggest upset of all time for me.

That doesn’t make Leicester a big club.


You’re right, That makes Leicester a team who have won 1 league title and 3 league cups in their entire 133 year history. We are and were on a completely different level to them.

What a shit example.


You’re actually being willfully ignorant now. Nobody has asked you to share their feelings on which teams/memories were better. Maybe you could just accept that people think differently to you and move on?


If you can post an example where anyone said that I would be interested to read it.
But as usual you are just making things up.


Yes but you guys fail to acknowledge Everton and Aston Villa as big clubs despite them being level to Arsenal pre Wenger; so I thought it is not trophy count but great memories that make clubs a big one.


They weren’t.


My post wasn’t ignorant, it’s true that people from older generations will have a different mindset to myself, that they loved Arsenal in 1980’s and 90’s much more than they do now, they feel more disillusioned now


Pretty sure you will go anal on word ‘level’ but both the clubs were next clubs with most english titles after Arsenal with 9 and 7 respectively.

Arsenal were on 10 before Wenger.

So yeah if Arsenal were big so are they?
But no one calls Everton and Villa big clubs right now.


A lot of us are not from a different generation to you though. Do you think most of us lived through or have big memories of Anfield 89? Of course not. But we appreciate how big a moment that was all the same. We’re aware of how our club were viewed before we were there to witness it. Whereas you were coming across as if you had absolutely no idea and seemed quite dismissive of the club pre-Wenger.

It comes across as ignorant. It’s not about being 21, and saying things like “when at 21” to try and put all young people in the same category as you is an insult to others. My 18 year old cousin for example has been going to Arsenal since he was a wee nipper, he can hold his own in any conversation about Arsenal and all football in general, probably more so than a lot of older fans actually - he’d be embarrassed at the way you were talking.


I hadn’t picked up on that word at all really. Everton were perhaps in that realm (I don’t think they were though to be honest) but Villa won 5 of their titles in the early days of association football and had a 70 year gap between titles and they haven’t won one since. They are a team with two distinct periods of glory and not much else.


A lot of arsenal 10 were from the early days of association football too…

So are Manchester Utd


No they weren’t. Association football was in about it’s 40th season when we got our first title. Villa won 5 of the first 12/13.

As for united I don’t think winning 13 out of 20 titles is a period of success. It’s two decades of dominance and unprecedented in English League football. We will almost certainly never see anything like it again.


I assume it was actually less than the 40th season As you said “about the 40th season”

Our first spell of sucsess came in he 1930s.
You can’t discredit villa saying their sucsess was to long ago to take into acount but then include sucsess arsenal had in the 30s and you know it


In their history they have had 2 very sucsessful managers and every other manager they have had had under achieved

Without checking in Pretty sure the Liverpool teams of the 70/80 won something close to 13 out of 20 titles Too


I was in raptures at " Wee nipper "



I also said they went 70 years without winning one. And yes, it’s perfectly valid to point out that they were only successful in this time because it’s clearly something they were not able to reproduce or keep up. Once Arsenal got into a position of being champions and winning FA cups it’s been something we’ve been able to reproduce right throughout our history.