Arsène Wenger


Never a dull moment in here lately.


Everyone knows that Wenger has done more for the club than Graham but as @Midfield_Maestro said, the situations are not comparable.
Wenger turned us into one of the most entertaining teams in Europe and won trophies as well.
No one is saying anything different.

Also comparing Derby and Nottingham Forest to us as a club is just ignoring our history, because we are way bigger than them.

You are defending someone who clearly has no concept of what we were before Wenger and who dismisses George Graham as someone " who is barely remembered outside of Arsenal fans."

For anyone who doesn’t know, George Graham has won the League title, FA Cup, League Cup and EUFA Cup as a player, and the League title, FA Cup, League Cup and European Cup Winners Cup as a manager, he was also an International player for Scotland.

I don’t know any other player who has done that so if she considers all that he has achieved as not very memorable, then I would like to know what she thinks is.


Seriously who gives a fck we all have our own opinions - lol at everyone !!


She clearly stated she isn’t dismissing his achievements; in fact she was comparing where the club was to where it is, the attitude shift in players and arsenals image.

People got offended by the fact she said arsenal was not a big club when GG was in charge.


Most clubs could only ever be big nationally, because this was before the globalisation of football. I don’t know how many times that needs to be said.


So in a way she wasn’t wrong at all; clubs like Aston Villa, Nottingham forest, Everton, Newcastle were on par.


She said Arsenal were not a big club, that was totally incorrect, no two ways about it. That’s what sparked the mega debate lol.

A lot of other points she made were valid though I must say.

Not gonna allow myself to get dragged back into this again as the debate has been resolved and we’ve reached a point where we all understand each other lol


I will support Arsenal without Wenger, however I’d become disillusioned if we became a mid table team playing shit football, if the traditions stay the same then great. it was my decision to support Arsenal rather than get brainwashed by family members, because I’d rather not support Besiktas


Pompous attitude in here, I can’t change the fact I’m only 21 and didn’t see Graham or Wenger’s first 10 years, so that’s why legacies exist to define their respective eras, so I can get a feeling of Arsenal’s history and while some people have great memories of Anfield 89 and rightfully so, Invincibles is the better achievement all round, 49 games unbeaten. and I got an A in History so I think I know what I’m talking about :sunglasses:


You say this:

Then this:

Irony in action.


Emoji indicated it was a joke. There’s nothing wrong with arrogance anyway. The best (Ronaldo etc) are arrogant. I said pompous as some people indicated because I wasn’t around pre Wenger I can’t judge, but I can judge based off Graham and Wenger’s respective legacies


I know.


I have only supported Arsenal since 2000, but i know our history.


Supporting Arsenal since 07 and I know history too, everyone does. I just have different views on Arsenal’s history and people misinterpreted and became a bit offended


Ffs don’t put it all on everyone else, take some personal responsibility. When you say things like Arsenal weren’t a big club before Wenger, that is you expressing yourself poorly, people reacted to that appropriately according to the words you used, nobody misinterpreted you.

Much else of what you said was perfectly fine and almost everyone would agree with it, and if you’d said that and left out silly bits like saying we weren’t a big club and Highbury was falling down then there wouldn’t have been such a reaction.


Arsenal were a big club before Wenger, they’re a bigger club now. Arsene Wenger played his part in making us bigger, as did the globalisation of the Beautiful Game via international television rights distribution and the Internet.



so much anger.


There was also music before X Factor.


Do you? Still doesn’t seem that way to be honest.


Some very good music, my rocker friend :kos2: