Arsène Wenger


Micky Merino.


Krychowiak maybe.


Zizou!! :star_struck:

I could listen to this man all day. That clips from Wenger’s - World Cup Heroes on Bein Sports if anyone’s interested.


Wenger does love Bein Sports, doesn’t he?


I’m baffled that some prefer Graham over Wenger, if you’re nostalgic about the alcoholic nature of football then fine, but you’re well stuck in the past. Wenger is a football legend, people in France and England speak highly of him. Graham is barely remembered outside of Arsenal fans


Yes because that was the one and only defining characteristic of football back then…

It’s completely understandable if you understand the history of the club and how Graham delivered regular success to a team that hadn’t seen a league title for 18 years. That’s the Arsenal some people grew up with so why would they have anything but fond memories of the man who came in and put us at the top table for just about the whole of the time he managed the club.


His stats were very similar to Kante the season Leicester won.

He’s a very under the radar type player, very efficient and gets shit done quietly. Would be good to have him in our midfield.


2 titles but also 2 mid table finishes, he didn’t have stability. I’ve never denied Graham done a good job but Wenger has gave them greater memories, Invincibles tops any achievement


I understand why you think that but you’re not them and you weren’t there to experience the memories Graham’s team gave them so you can’t just say that as if it’s a fact.


Nice of you to speak for “them”. A lot of my relatives say Anfield 89 was the single greatest day of their lives - and they’re including their own weddings and children’s births in that too!

Not sure anyone was actually saying they prefer GG anyway. He was just used as an example to demonstrate that Wenger did not build the club and that we were indeed a big club pre Wenger.


So am I, but I haven’t actually read anyone who says say that.
You must be making it up.

Let’s make it absolutely clear.
No one said Graham was a better manager.
You have come out with some unbelievable and disrespectful quotes about our club.
Here is a selection of your ignorance:

He was a double winner as a player and won a European cup competition as a player with us as well.
He did the same as a manager, in eight seasons, winning the league twice, the FA Cup, the League Cup twice and won the European Cup Winners Cup as well as getting to the final,
But, yeah, I suppose your right.
Who would remember that?

One of the most iconic stadiums in Europe.

Yes they would.
They won a lot more with other managers.

If Graham made us into a “semi big club,” then what were we before?

There wasn’t much CL football before Wenger.
In case you didn’t know only the Champions of each country could enter the European Cup, so by that calculation, Wenger would have only got in three of the competitions.

To anyone who doesn’t know their history.


You do realise on dismissing teams and trophies that have gone before you, that your not far from younger fans feeling the same about Wengers success. Only when that happens will you fully understand the responses on here.
Seriously you made a statement about traditons credited to Wenger earlier in this thread which I found laughable.
This club has been amongst the most innovative and traditional club in history. Take a look at the shirt we have. The clock first of its kind. Tube station. Marble halls, a commissioner, flowers arranged in team colours of both sides for visiting clubs. Traditions of Highbury them. The captains call on the length of shirt sleeves etc.
Finally on Anfield 89, Arsenal players layed flowed at all ends of the ground. Some questioned if it was a bit of a ploy to quell the Liverpool fans. Kenny Dalglish said It was a classy gesture from a classy club…


Both Graham’s and Wenger’s reign are relative to their era. Graham got the best out of us during his tenure and brought the club back to the top of English football. Wenger done the same in a modernised fashion and has made the club very stable in this financial climate. Both done their jobs relative to their time. Cant really compare imo.


The fact is that everyone recognizes Wenger is a great manager, but you can’t deny the past.
You are gonna probably stop supporting Arsenal once Wenger leaves.


10th and 12th is top of the table now? 40 league goals for one of those and averaging 48 goals a season in his last 3 seasons. Graham’s fall from having Arsenal competing for the title is worse than Wenger’s in an easier league. All while shutting down our youth academy and having very competitive transfer funds.

Some rose tinted glasses. We all loved those league and cup wins but Graham’s last 4 years which saw the FA Cup, Cup Winners Cup and League Cup while finishing 4th, 10th, 4th, 12th in his last 4 seasons isn’t more impressive than 3 FA Cups in 4 years while finishing 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 5th. And only probably United and Liverpool spending more than us then. I wonder if he would have been sacked if we were top of the table.

Also Wenger for the most part has had us playing beautiful football, Graham didn’t.


He wouldnt have got away with 9 trophyless seasons thats for sure.


got away from whom?


I said at the top table not top of the table.


Savage, made me laugh tho :laughing::+1:


I’ve been reading this thread for the last couple of days; one thing that pops out is there seems to be a rebuttal for anyone that defends wengers achievement for the clup.

The thing is GG is right where arsenal is now globally Wenger and post Wenger (eventually) is far better than pre Wenger.

Before arsenal was big nationally, likewise Derby, Nottingham forest etc; so in a way she is right and people need to stop denying observable reality for nostalgia.