Arsène Wenger


God, he is so fucked up in the head! :cech:


All this complete turmoil at the club from top to toe and some people are surprised at my 8th place finish prediction :thinking:

I wonder how many of our starting XI vs Bournemouth can be reasonably believed to want to quit the club? I’ll open the bidding at 4 :laughing:


Sounds like trump. They are the enemy, purveyors of lies! They can’t beat me at the turnstiles, so they make up fake news!


This guy is beyond redemption, he has become a nut job. Not fit to manage this club anymore and he needs to get out.

For me he completely ruined his legacy, the senile shit he pulls the last couple of seasons is now part of his legacy and it tainted it forever.


We know it doesn’t work :poldi:


Bellerin, Mustafi, Sanchez and Ozil?

Who else have we got to choose from?


Just because we have the money doesn’t mean Wenger has the sign off from the board to spend it.

We also have a maximum wage budget


So the board told Wenger that money is available but he must not spend it?


Sounds like you’re making shit up to me tbh.


Arsenal having money in the bank doesn’t mean Arsene is aloud to spend it, simples really.

Kroenke is financing huge investments by securing huge loans. To secure these loans he borrows against his assets, ie his Arsenal shares as a loan security. To get larger loans with lower interest he needs to insure Arsenal has a high liquidity, ie cash in the bank. To maximise loan value he also needs to ensure Arsenal is turning a profit, high spending would show a loss on our accounts and would mean a lender wouldn’t offer as favourable rates.

Arsenal’s cash is probably banked in the same bank Kroenke’s borrowing from. By doing that Kroenke could offset Arsenal savings against any loan, despite Kroenke only owning 67% of AFC he could do a deal to offset any loans against 100% of AFC’s cash reserves.


You don’t have the intellectual merit to reply to me.


Wenger actually said at the beginning of the summer he only wanted to add three players. Reading all the information/rumours regarding Lemar, it’s fair to think we didn’t meet Monaco’s valuation earlier in the summer. When we made them a offer they couldn’t refuse, it was already to late.

Were his hand really that tight up by the board? I don’t think so.


Problem is that our holes have only become more glaring in the last few weeks. Xhaka and Ramsey are a terrible midfield pairing, and that’s left even more holes to fill. So 3 signings seemed ok at the start of the summer. Now that it’s confirmed how bad Xhaka is we needed more.


Maybe Cech. Think he is fed up with our squad. From a winning to a losing side in few years.


What was wrong with my response exactly? You’re asking a question based on a theory that is nothing more than a conspiracy. So like I say, making shit up.


A) prove it
B) Arsenals cash is NOT Kroenkes asset.

Edit: the dude owns 30m square foot of real estate according to Forbes. I doubt he’s securing loans off our 200m quid. :joy:


Before Kroenke joined the board Arsenal had the reputation of being cheap.


Wenger kept saying he is not afraid to spend big and that we were only after top quality.
We also supposedly made bids for big name players.


This is very true.
I don’t think there has been a cheaper manager than George Graham.


You and I agree for the most part in regards to Arsenal related matters, but how dare you question my man’s intellect! Not only is Dan a handsome Ewan McGregor doppleganger, but he’s more intelligent than 99% of people on this forum!