Arsène Wenger


What has he done good the past ~5 years anyway?


70 million would have got you Mane and Salaha. Theres ways and means. It needs a different outlook that our current set up doesnt allow.


Come on, we’ve been blatantly lied to about transfer funds for more than a decade now with all the ‘war chest’ that never came to fruition and the ‘Adebeyor money is there to be spent’ BS.

Bottom line, Ornstein is stating ‘the funds weren’t there and Wenger had no board support’



Ornstein is only as good as his source. And with the shite spouted this summer I think his source is Wenger, liar in chief.


The thing is you lot on here trust all kinds of random nonsense ‘sources’ but this in fact is the best source. Wenger obviously wanted Lemar and according to Ornstein a CM. Why didn’t the board do everything they could do to deliver those requirements? The idea that Wenger will purposely sabotage his season by not signing players he wants to sign is asinine

The only other evidence is that Wenger spent reasonably high levels until Kroenke joined the board.


A. Ornstein isn’t as reputable as most people think I reckon his a bit of a con job I wouldn’t know how he gets most of his dodgy info.

B. I reckon the funds are there

C. The funds are there but not for Wenger to spend I reckon because I reckon that most of the board deem him too incompetent to spend the money properly!

D. Sounds like there is a genuine board split because wenger ran to Kroenke to get a renewal before the board had their say, so it could be genuinely that most of the board can see where he is heading with his decision making and are purposefully withholding money from him to make sure that a new manager has the money instead and in the same stone throw falling on his own sword with his BS philosophies.


I don’t really trust any sources tbh so not too fussed about what others do.

What’s clear to me and has been for some time is
a) the money is there.
b) it’s been there for quite some time, certainly for a couple of years prior to Ozil.
c) football decisions are made by one man only
d) Wenger dictates price paid and price sold
e) Kroenke is nothing more than a convenient Boogeyman.
f) The board and football structures are clearly lacking but that’s a construction of Wengers own making too.


The summer of 2015 should tell you everything about Wenger. We had money… and plenty of it too - but our boss didn’t want to sign any outfield players so we didn’t.


The notion that one of the biggest clubs/brands in world football can’t spend much more than the Lacazette sum without selling seems like a joke too. It effectively says the whole upper structure of Arsenal would be pretty incompetent.


I don’t believe Iwobi has regressed at all. In fact Wenger done right to take him out of the team last season. He was starting to burn out but is still a fantastic prospect.

Bellerin just got too comfortable with no competition at RB. As soon as we changed formation, Ox took like a duck to water at RWB. Bellerin was used bit part. Im worried the same will happen again this season with no other viable RWB.


Such questions are only good if you are actively trying to not look for answer or look for non-answers.

For example, the player you mentioned yourself. Iwobi.
How is a player who everyone deemed mediocre but eventually became a first team surprise performer, an example of Wenger regressing players?

Wenger recognized his hidden talent and implemented it on the field, that as a replacement of Ozil at times.
Obviously there must be some modifications Wenger made Iwobi to accomodate in his game to make that happen.

Wenger moulded Cazorla as a central midfielder. No one thought he was one.
Wenger moulded Sanchez as CF. No one thought he was one.
Heck, Bellerin was a winger when he joined.


Great. So he openly admits how much we will have to spend to replace Alexis, which means any player we go for next season, will cost us 100 million, cause every selling club out there knows we at least have 70 earmarked for Sanchez’s replacement.

In any case, I don’t think we will sign a replacement of the same calibre as Alexis for the following reasons

  • Lack of funds, just like this summer. Even more so because we would have Ozil leaving as well.
  • We won’t have the pull as we will most likely miss out on CL football again
  • The uncertainty regarding Wenger’s future will add to the confusion as he will enter the last year of his contract

And it’s not like we can find a good young player cause our scouting network has to be amongst the worst in Europe.

At the end of the day, who we sign won’t matter because we will still have the same bunch of morons running the club. It’s not like we were title contenders with Alexis and Ozil in the team.


I think you should qualify this statement a little because it’s clearly not the case and also because in reality we don’t know very much about how our scouting system works.


If you think this season is bad, just wait until next season.
No Sanchez.
No Ozil.
No Cazorla.
Wenger in his last season.
No CL football.

We will effectively have no world class players, with a manager that everyone knows is in the last season of his contract
We won’t be able to attract any world class players and we will have several others that will be winding down their contracts.


Just watch Wenger extend his contract next summer. He won’t risk unsettling the players again… which has to be his outmost bullshit ever.


There won’t be many players to unsettle .
The best players will be gone and the ones that stay here will be paid the sort of money no other club would even consider.


Agreed. I suppose a better way of putting it would be to say our scouting network is not what it used to be when it comes to finding young, exciting talent with true potential of making it to the first team.

It’s been a while since we have uncovered a truly world class talent like Fabregas. Bellerin and Iwobi are good but both have sort of saturated in their growth. Bellerin more so. Rob Holding is one that has great potential. Haven’t seen enough of Reiss Nelson to comment. The point is, at the end of next summer, when we will probably need to replace quite a few players, we won’t be able to rely on our academy to ease the pressure.


Wenger blaming the media for the fans frustration towards the club. Yeah it’s all the media’s fault. It’s the media’s fault we didn’t strengthen in key areas. It’s the media’s fault we got battered by Liverpool. It’s the media’s fault our players are performing like headless chickens!


His delusion is out of control.
The media don’t need to work hard to influence supporters.
We are quite capable of working out what is going on ourselves.
This is just another illustration of how he views supporters.

If anything it’s Wenger who has tried to manipulate supporters with his lies and misleading quotes.
He has been found out and he doesn’t like it.


Hahahahahaha Wenger :joy::joy::joy::joy: