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You’re showing your ignorance on business finance. Every businessman will use assets to reduce his interest rates while increase his borrowing. We know Kroenke has borrowed big for his ranch/farm and new stadium project and we know AFC is his biggest asset.

Kroenke as the main AFC shareholder can bank AFC money in whichever bank he pleases and he can use that to negotiate very low loan rates.

And as for your uninformed edit he owns an absolute county sized bit of farm land aside from his new stadium he’s building.

None of know what happens behind closed doors at AFC. But assuming an employed manager makes all the decisions and the main shareholders makes no decisions is pretty fucking stupid.


Arsenal FC was formally a pillar capitalist values and principles in English football so much so Arsenal use to be called the Bank Of England


Bottom line:

Arsenal spent far higher percent of our income before Kroenke than we ever did with him on board.

All of Kroenke’s other sports ventures have been run into the ground.


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Arsenal may be his biggest asset (don’t think it is tbh but whatever) but you didn’t say he was using Arsenal as leverage, you suggested the cash in the bank was being used as leverage. We’re not worth any less if that cash was gone either so it’s pure fantasy.

It’s absolutely not a stupid assumption to make out that Wenger makes all the decisions in regards to players etc. In fact, I think it rather stupid to think otherwise. Never said Stan didn’t make decisions either.

My edit wasn’t a list of his assets btw, just an illustration of his other assets that are more valuable than 200m quid Sterling.


For some people maybe


No they haven’t. They all make money. Run in to the ground in terms of sporting results? That’s true.


I don’t think it had anything to do with principles or being a pillar of capitalist values. I’m pretty sure we were called the Bank of England club simply because of our record breaking spending on transfers in the twenties and thirties.


YES. Be great if it was the whole stadium but sadly it won’t be




I had my reservations about Xhaka for the first 6 months or so, but after we switched formations it seemed like he got a lot better. Looks like he’s reverted back to being shit. So that’s what I was mainly talking about. I mean regardless of whether or not you rate the guy, if you spend 35m you’ve got to give him time to see if he’s gonna be able to be a player for you tbh. Financially letting him play is the right choice. As a fan I want that fucker dropped and to spend another 40m on a replacement.,


The board and Kroenke are getting off way to fucking easy. Need to get some banners out for them too


This guy is just full of excuses. Just admit you fucked up (again)


Yeah… sorry, this whole thing is total BS. There is absolutely no concrete evidence of leverage against the AFC asset… like, whatsoever… and even so, it doesn’t mean fck all b/c no money is being taken out… FFS people, get a Fing grip - if he isn’t taking money out, wtf are you on about? You want him to operate at a loss? Then just f*ing admit it. This is ridiculous.


The fact that Arsene is constantly making up excuse after excuse for our recent failings on the pitch and in the transfer market tells me the man realizes things are worse than ever before. I don’t know why he thinks the fans would buy into any of his excuses. He must really think we are all naive idiots who will lap up anything he says, because we don’t know any better.

Having said that, a lot of it is just the media trying to make something worth printing but I would have had a lot of respect and time for him if he had just not bothered to answer these question and instead had accepted that there were problems and that he was to blame as much as anyone else and that he was doing he best to resolve those issues. I wouldn’t have believed that things would have gotten better but at least I would have had some respect for him as he would be manning up and taking responsibility. Now, he just comes off as a bitter man and a sore loser.


The only failures at this club are the board and the fact that Wenger puts such trust in his players. If Wenger was more ruthless on both fronts things would be so much better for him. Sadly his principles will be his downfall as opposed to something to adhere too ?


Yeah. We went to the Emirates in 2006. He came in 2007 or 2008. It’s not a bottom line at all he’s the (only) one who puts restrictions on our spending.


He talks as if this doesn’t happen to every other club.
In fact it happened to Liverpool as well with their best player and they thrashed us 4-0.

He should write a book called: “It’s Never My Fault”

With chapters like:

It’s Never My Fault
It’s Always Someone Else
It Was The Referee
It Was The Opposition Manager
It Was The Opposition Players
It Was His Own Players
It Was The Media
It Was The The Ex players
It Was The Pundits
It Was the other clubs spending too much
It Was The Supporters
It Was Other Clubs Tapping Up Our Players

You’ll find it in the fiction section of all good bookshops.


You forgot the last chapter ‘I didn’t see ieeeet’.