Arsène Wenger


If we don’t show it at the Emirates it’s gonna be useless.


It actually vindicates Wenger in the sense that he isn’t being backed with funds. He had to get guaranteed Chamberlain/Alexis money to sign Lemar. He’s only been given money to break even on transfers this season.


However the thing is If there was no repercussion to unethical payment, I would be all for it.
There is a difference in Arsenal doing the unethical bit & City/PSG doing the unethical bit.

Those clubs have the means to bypass the regulation using backchannels.
Take Neymar’s transfer, If Arsenal got Neymar, 200m would be accounted in FFP regulations. However PSG had the backchannel in form of Qatar eventually deeming Neymar a free transfer.

In that scenario, Arsenal will fail to comply with FFP.

A visual analogy for you -

Chelsea, City, PSG, Everton, Monaco, Barca, Real Madrid have all sorts of backchannels to get away with.
To indulge in creative accounting, we need backchannels. As an Asian, you would know about Hawala.
Chelsea David Luiz transfer fiasco, City Etihad sponsorship, PSG Qatar, United bebe transfer fiasco, Jorge Mendes Falcao transfer manipulation. We don’t have means to pull that off.

Ofcourse not all transfer would need that, but we would still need to stretch the regulations and as observed last year with Calum Chambers transfer; one slip up & we would have no argument if the hammer falls on us.
There is a reason why non sugar daddy clubs are risk averse.

West ham almost got punished for purchasing Mascherano & Tevez, Barcelona & A. Madrid were transfer banned, because they had no way to delegate the blame away from purchasing underage foreign talents.

Since there is a chance for the club to suffer, I cannot demand the club to not be by the books.


I agree with what you are saying but unless we find these loopholes as well, we are going to lose out.
It seems we are the only top club in Europe that has these restrictions so with our resources surely we can find someone who knows what they are doing to sort our transfer business out.

If it was his job, we would be the winners, but since he is only responsible for the regulation of our business, he should be accountable for the appalling mess he has put the club in.

If that’s true then the supporters have been lied to about our transfer funds.
Also, if we had to sell in order to buy Lemar, why wait until the end of the window.
Get the business done early and you save a lot of money, and if it doesn’t happen you can go for a plan B.

Who am I kidding?
Plan B?
Wenger doesn’t even have a plan A.
His plan is to drift through the transfer window and wait for things to happen rather than making stuff happen himself.


Basically the board, the manager have an outlook of cheating the system to the title. It cant and wont happen.
Its going to take a loss of form and negative press like this to cause a real fan backlash now.
Change will only happen when Wengers job becomes untenable and the board are forced into addressing the whole situation fully.
Laymans terms the shit needs to hit the fan here.


i love how all summer Wenger said he feels that Sanchez could very well sign for us (we all knew he wouldnt) then you get these types of articles


I don’t trust Wenger anymore. He just talks shit.


The blame is being put on other clubs yet again.


You’re doing Monaco incredibly short by putting them in this list.

Everton received 95 million out of transfers too past summer. What backchannel does Real have? They are the biggest brand in world football. If Perez should get credit for anything it should be about the financial behemoth he made of Real Madrid.


So Wenger is going to spend 70m on a replacement for Sanchez.
Has he forgotten that Ozil is also going to leave, and that we still need a replacement for Cazorla.

Even if he did splash out 150m on three players, we would still only be at the level we already are.
We needed to buy players to play alongside Sanchez and Ozil, not replace them.

We will also need a GK, CB and a world class winger.

Does Wenger even realise this?


totally bored and sick to death of the guy now, hopefully it will be his last contract i dont wanna hear ‘i am so close to finalising my project i need a few more years to put things right’ and being rewarded with 12.5m contract fuck this guy he better fuck off after this contract.


Yeah with Monaco & Everton, I took their past/future in consideration.
With Real, aren’t they accused of being backed by Spanish government & getting tax break or something like that?


If anything Monaco is an example of FFP ‘working’ btw.

I’m not familiar with that about Real.


He won’t ever not want to win (too many negatives in that sentence- made me head go all funny) but by not researching his opponents and not nullifying their strengths and not exploiting their weaknesses, he is showing an inherent neglect. The worst thing is, he doesnt know he’s doing it, adding to the overall snobbish arrogance of the man.

Off the top of my head, the home game to Blackburn in the cup (2012?) comes to mind. A crucial game with Bayern Munich and this soppy old sod turns a blind eye to lower league opposition and embarrasses us in the process


Yes, I get your point there, David. I’ll agree he has faded progressively over the long term.


Wenger is deluded if he thinks 70 mil are enough to buy a great striker to replace Alexis next summer.


Leicester and Athletico should be looking to US! What. The.Fuck.


Wenger is deluded.
That’s all you needed to say. :grin:


:thinking: Good question tbh, could argue Bellerin & Iwobi have regressed since their breakout (I don’t really believe Iwobi has but others do).


Maybe only Benzema, but he is too old by now.