Arsène Wenger


I think that Ornstein interview will probably have been the nail in the coffin for any of Wengers already depleted list of supporters and also will have stoked a hell of a lot of anti-board sentiment that actually goes beyond Wenger too.


Yeah this highlights how much of a fucking joke the whole leadership at Arsenal is.

Apparently our negotiating team is so small we can’t do more than one player at a time :joy:

We lost out on Kante because the board didn’t want to pay higher agent’s fees because they were worried it would look suspect :joy:

We wouldn’t sell Mustafi to Italy but then we tried to sell him to WBA :joy:

Oh dear oh dear, I think I need to take a break from this club


Can’t mate we play in three days.


Plenty of it seems speculative bullshit.
Especially the Perez bit.




"Wenger strikes something of a lonely figure at the moment, with having little support from the board,"
He has little support from the board yet they give him a new contract.

"Arsenal are not incompetent however. They are far from it. However, their dealings off the field can be laughable at times. Arsenal’s scouting operation(s) are not thought of very highly, anywhere in the world, their negotiation tactics are not highly regarded and their late decisions and dilly-dallying mean that signing people late was almost certainly impossible."
There are several examples of Wenger’s dithering in this article but this paragraph illustrates why we are so useless in the transfer market.

"Wenger is incredibly hurt when Arsenal lose and as an Arsenal supporter, he was worried that his contract last season was the main reason for fan devision and is incredibly worried about the Arsenal fans this season too."
So worried that his dithering meant we go into yet another season underprepared and with gaping holes in the first team and our best players leaving.

"In fact, they have pulled out of transfers such as the signing of N’Golo Kanté, as his agent was demanded a higher fee and Arsenal felt that this could leave the transfer open to investigation, so they pulled out. Arsenal do things by the book, perhaps too by the book."
This is laughable for a top European club.
We are a joke in the transfer market.

"Arsenal are looking at clubs like Atlético Madrid and Leicester City as great examples of how to run a football club and still achieve. Wenger personally does not like the comparisons between the two clubs, however, he does see how the clubs have done well. The board are far more fixated on the other clubs."
This is the biggest joke.
We move from Highbury to the Emirates for more than ten seasons of scrimping and haggling to model ourselves on Leicester.




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Reading that, I have more questions than answers. For example, how come we don’t have money to do the transfers we needed. What was our transfer budget for this season? Who decides the price of our players when selling them? If we needed to sell players to make money for the Lemar transfer, why did we price our players out of possible transfers? Sure we would have lost some money but our priority was to strengthen the squad, not save money. How much of a role did Arsene play in all of these decisions?

Ornstein claims that Wenger doesn’t have the support structure he had back in the “glory days”. Why? Is that his decision or is that because of the board? Ornstein basically highlights a lot of our problems but doesn’t mention who or what is the root cause of those problems. What is clear is that things aren’t going to change and we will just have to live with this circus show of a club for the foreseeable future. Also, I don’t believe a word about Kroenke being “incredibly interested in winning”, because if he was, he would have had similar questions. Anyone genuinely interested in winning, especially when that someone is the owner, will do a heck of a lot more than just sit on his ranch in the US and hope for things to sort themselves out.


If Kroenke was genuinely interested in winning, Wenger wouldn’t be at the club, and we would have a top European manager who would get things done rather than constantly dithering.

It’s complacency from the board and Wenger.
The board are happy to make a profit, and Wenger knows he is the only manager in Europe under very little pressure from the board.


Sorry man, we can’t help you out. Good luck on your quest though, hope you get your hands on tickets :slight_smile:


This club has no backbone. From board to the pitch, it shows.


Are you not torn between ethics & result a bit?
While we complain about PSG & City making a mockery of football & reducing our love for the game, we are getting angry about Arsenal doing things by the book.

The amount of shaddy business that goes on in football right from FIFA to agents has led to clubs like Arsenal to slowly succumb to bending over to agents & other clubs.
The blame should lie on football association for not controlling the activities of football agents, that has led to exorbitant transfer fees which indirectly result in higher ticket prices.


How do you regulate greed in football? Greed of agents, of players, of clubs, all of whom want a slice of the pie

Wenger’s Arsenal are part of the whole machine and his pie in the sky notions have long since stopped being an admirable vision of the future and have simply become increasingly irritating


How is it regulated everywhere else?
Other industry domain has less problems dealing with agents, It is only football having such reluctance to band together & regulate it well.

What policies have ever been formulated to combat with agents. Agents have been given free reign.

Clubs like PSG can bypass regulations but individual entities won’t have as much power. Regulations can affect agents with less resources.


I agree.
But the fact is that we have a billionaire owner and there is no way you get to be that rich by not being a bit shady.
I also agree that agents are absolute scum who are earning vast amounts of money by doing very little but until someone like FIFA does something about it, we will have to join in.

There are no prizes for the Best Run Club or the Most Moral Club, just as there is no Fourth Place Trophy.
As long as we carry on the way we are, constantly losing out on players because they have dodgy agents or they don’t meet with Wenger’s valuation, then we are going to fall further behind the clubs that don’t care.

Ask any Man City or Chelsea supporter if they would rather take the moral high ground or have the best players in Europe playing for them and challenging every season for the top trophies, and I’m fairly sure most would laugh at the question.

Wenger should remember it’s not his money, when haggling over a player, it’s the supporters, and they also pay his wages, which some might say are immoral for such an inept manager.

This has been the worst transfer window I can remember and it should have been massive for us, and we have to watch the club stagnate even further, and it is down to Wenger’s dithering not his morals.



We’re reaching a point soon where everything will have to be capped. Player salaries, transfer fees, agent fees, the whole fucking lot. Get the national governments involved as well if need be.

To be fair, it has gotten to ridiculous levels nows and for the good of the sport and industry, caps are needed to stop this insane bubble from growing further and having a disastrous pop that could end up destroying a lot of clubs.


Everything capped except Wenger’s salary.

He really angers and annoys me now. Can’t stand his interviews his bullshit and his arrogance. Shame. Once upon a time I looked fondly at his tenure at this club.

Now I’ll throw a rooftop party and label it a national Arsenal holiday, the day this fecker is gone.


I see your point but when in Rome, my friend…

The thing is, if such things were strictly regulated and monitored by the governing body, then by all means, we should play by the book. Realistically however, there are probably too many loopholes in the system that enable clubs to bend the rules and get away with it. Now, usually, I am one for following rules no matter what, because not following them, rarely offers any incentive, and following them never really costs me dearly. But in this case, following or not following rules is the difference between buying a Kante vs settling for Flamini/Coquelin, and that is a huge price to pay, especially given how the chances of us getting into trouble are remote.

I agree that it’s not the ideal way to do it, but you aren’t operating in a fair market. It’s a bit like Wenger’s valuation of a player. If we go by his valuation, we would never buy any player, neither would we get 40 million for the Ox.


Didn’t realise it was Arsene Wenger’s job to regulate world football. Silly me thought that was FIFA’s domain and Wenger was just a manager of a football club but I guess you learn something every day.