Arsène Wenger


He’s 100 % spot on, but we will never get everyone behind the cause.


Would love to see a drum-off Cech vs Glenn Helder.


Spot on. You will always have corporate people attending it though. Arsenal only cares about them.


Good vid. Shame it’ll never happen :confused:


I think Arsenal should increase ticket prices to afford spending 50m on 11 players each.


I think Arsenal should do something about their commercial revenue. Liverpool and Chelsea get €20 million more out of that revenue stream. United gets more than double the amount we get.


Yet isn’t Gazidis the highest paid CEO in the EPL ? Shouldn’t it be his job to get better commercial type deals.


So Arsenal plan contract talks with key players to avoid unsettling the team and they intend to proactive.
Hang on, that sentence had the words, Arsenal and proactive in it.
Surely that must be a typing mistake.

What a brilliant idea.
Whoever thought of that is a genius.
They should have kept the idea quiet otherwise other clubs might start copying that idea to sign their best players up before their contacts run out.

Also the club have only just decided to appoint two people to sort out the players contracts.
Who did they have sorting them out before?
Dumb and dumber.

The only flaw in us signing all our world class players up, is that after this season we won’t have any.


It’s not proactive, it’s exactly what we did last year.

The difference was Coq, Kos and Giroud wanted to stay and signed early and Alexis, Ozil and Chamberlain didn’t want to stay and didn’t sign.


Nothing wrong with the move tbh. Wenger changing his style to a more possession based game and our mishaps in scouting (we’ve missed out on every single French talent in the past five years or so) have been bigger problems imo.

I’ve read in the past that he adjusted his team to play more ‘modern’ football, but what he did before 2009 was ‘modern’. Difficult to beat defensively, good pressing etc. When we actually could defend (07/08) was the last time we had a proper title challenge.


Gazidis wanted Wenger to leave, tbh. Don’t think a man who has brought football to the USA is happy with our current state.


The one thing I don’t understand about Gazidis wanting Wenger to leave is, if his opinion fell on deaf ears wouldn’t he walk out on his position as CEO ?


He’s the highest paid CEO isn’t he? Can’t stop the gravy train!



It’s 31 days when people expect him to do something.

I can see why he would like to avoid it.


That’s probably more to do with Woodward being an executive vice president and Bruce Buck being chairman and so on.

Not that that removes from the gravy train point.


I agree the January window should be scrapped A team should stay the same for the whole season. One transfer window a season would be brilliant for football


It’s not like we do anything anyway what difference does it make? An open window obviously doesn’t cut in to Wenger’s French TV time or his beach time.


Do we know that for a fact tho? Or did he just take precautions, because nobody at the club genuinely didn’t knew what Wenger was going to do.


It’s not just Wenger, the board needs to go.