Arsène Wenger


Yep, as player, and has a statue outside the Emirates because the club expressed the gratitude to him, but despite the football career he has nothing to offer to Arsenal, in terms of coaching (because has no quality) or ambassador.


I agree he shouldn’t be a coach here. I didn’t say otherwise…?


Yes yes, I added a consideration but isn’t linked with your words.


Fair enough. :+1:


I don’t know what is more pathetic, the suns twisting of words of the way the AKBs fall for it.





Tony’s just mad because Arsène said that Tony couldn’t waiter himself out of a TGI Fridays.


Yes Esteban!


“It all left me feeling that I would never get a chance in any capacity while Arsene was there. Much as I respected him for his long and successful tenure, my occasional willingness to pass comment on him and the team probably counted against me.”

Of course the sun miss this bit out probably the most important part as it doesn’t go with their made up headline. Cunts.


Of course but that’s history. He deserves be called a fool for his time at Granada.


6 games at a relegation-bound club earns him ‘fool’ status? You’re actually ridiculous


That’s what happens when women opine on football :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Even for his time at Granada, but he failed Wycombe, failed with Pompeys, failed with Qabala, failed with Granada and refused to work with Arsenal for an unknow chinese team which sent him in Spain to dance.


Tony’s a legend, but stick to your paella now :wink:




She’s what the people of reddit like to call an “Edgelord”.

Someone who desperately craves attention and validation and does so by saying outlandish and edgy things to appear cool and different.


Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I’m just saying Adams doesn’t have much to back himself up considering his managerial career, he also ‘can’t coach his way out of a paper bag’


Can we please bring the discussion back to the FOOL the thread belongs to?? :henry2:


It also isn’t at all true if what Maxi posted is correct.

Ex-players thinking they have the right to leapfrog coaches who’ve trained and spent years working at a club is simply wrong. As is ex-players getting coaches badges without earning them. It happens in Britain and is maybe why our coaching is behind the continent.