Arsène Wenger


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Who said wenger would do this:

Wenger insists, however, it’s not all doom and gloom in N5.

We won more games than last year, he said. “We have one point more already.

“We went through a difficult period away from home because if you look at our home record it’s quite good.

“Overall it’s away from home that we have lost our chance to win the Championship. Our home record is decent.


New Wenger’s record: “The team who finished 5th with the highest point-tally ever”.


It’s all very well Wenger saying we have more points and more home wins, but it’s the performances that have been poor.
He also fails to see that all our rivals have new managers who seem to have sorted their teams out, but Wenger has had a settled side for a few seasons, and he is the longest serving manager in Europe with a top flight club, and we still look unbalanced and often in disarray.

I notice he also glosses over the fact we were humiliated in Europe, twice, by Bayern Munich.

Rather than making predictable and embarrassing excuses, perhaps he should do something he has never done before, and admit he made some big mistakes.
I wish he wouldn’t come out with these statements, it just infuriates the supporters.


How to a extrapolate and mistify the reality.

We won more games than last year, we have one point more already BUT it’s away from home that we have lost our chance to win the Championship.


But the reality is, we were never in the race for the PL title, in fact we are barely in the race for Wenger’s favourite fourth place trophy.
We went into the season, under prepared, like every other season.
Our form is poor against the other top teams, and we are behind every other top team except Man U, who are probably going to win two trophies.

You said, "how to a extrapolate and mistify the reality."
That’s exactly what Wenger has done.


Honestly with Chelsea finishing with 90+ points there is no shame in not being in for the Premier League title until the very end. The ones that are really getting fucked over are Spurs who could finish at 86 and still aren’t quite there to win the whole thing. In our case though we should be finishing higher than we are doing as any kind of Premier League challenge won’t succeed in the mid 70s and we won’t really look like we can improve on that.



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And he could? When his coaching consists of a weird line dance i suspect he should shut his mouth (mind you wenger is truly lacking in some departments)


Never trust the cunts at The Sun. It’s from yonks ago.


Tony Adams tried to come back four times.

The first was as Pat Rice replacement, but Pat decided to postpone his decision until the end of the season.
The second was when Pat Rice retired, but Wenger preferred to promote Bould and Banfield.
The third was as U15 Academy manager, but for him the wage wasn’t good.
The fourth was as U18 assisent coach but preferred to join the chinese club.

Thanks to God, Tony Adams will remain miles away to come back at Arsenal. He has nothing to offer and thinks to be a good manager when has shown to not have any capacity to be considered a good coach.


The irony, this fool danced in his training sessions.


That ‘fool’ is a legend of this club and one of it’s greatest ever servants and possibly it’s greatest ever captain. :neutral_face: