Arsène Wenger


where are the people telling me points were more important than position?


And let me guess your one of the muppets that will use it both ways to manipulate it to your advantage ? Points are the biggest indicator of how good you are and I will always maintain that, as I said last year a similar points tally this year would see us miss the top 4 as it was obvious all the other sides would improve immensely.


no dickface, i wont, that was EXACTLY my point.

ultimately position matters. christ


I can kinda see both sides of the argument tbh. You are right that in the end the points are a big indicator of how good you are. For arguments sake though let’s say the Prem gets ultra competitive and 75 points wins you the league. You can only compare the points to what other competitive teams around you are doing.


I always said last season was anomaly in regards to the points tally’s. This season Chelsea are winning it with 93 ( which is a little I admit) but I expect next year to revert to the norm of being high 80s for the Champions.


We finished 10 points behind last seasons winners and are 18 off this seasons. Basically which ever way you dress it up the manager isnt up to it. Fucking simple really.


Wenger only Arsenal manager I know in my lifetime and he could be gone in 2 games :open_mouth:


I think he will stay but if he did go it would be so strange to see another manager in his chair and just doing interviews


75 points and yet only 5 of them came against the Top 4 clubs. If Wenger is so mad at West Ham, perhaps he should be equally as mad for giving up a combined 7 goals vs Liverpool this season.


It’s kinda cute to see kidiots like Luke and GG so endeared to Wenger because they fear change. It’s like a small child realizing Santa isn’t real.

A4tt on the otherhand, what’s your deal man? Were you once molested by a guy who looked like Wenger? Perhaps dressed as Santa?

Were you molested by Santa?


A4tt does manifest all the signs of stockholm syndrome, tbf.


Fuck the santa costume, I just want Wenger spread eagle on my bed waiting for me after a long day at work. 10/10 would bang.


Santa… Fuck off you americanized little shitbag.

He’s called Father Christmas on this side of the pond, YOU KNOW THAT


On this island, no he’s not.




I’ve never heard him being called Father Christmas once lol. Always Santa Claus


:open_mouth: seriously? I always knew northerners were weird…


Are you actually serious?! Never heard him referred to as Father Christmas?!!


Fucking coca cola wagon got a lot to do with this.


I was meaning I’ve never heard of people talking about FC it’s always Santa lol but of course I’ve heard of it the term Father Christmas as well !