Arsène Wenger


If no one of quality is available (ie Allegri) this coming summer, then a one year deal is best for all parties.

No point us being pricks just so we can pricks; let the boys play.


Allegri was using us to get a better deal, it happens all the time. Arsenal fanatics, don’t start fantasizing about our club making a big splash management hiring. It won’t happen. Wenger is our only hope.


You’ve gone so far into self parody at times that I can no longer tell when you’re being genuine or not sometimes.


He sounded like that when the AKB-WOB debate was at it’s zenith lol. Least he didn’t turn coat like AC or go full on making a murderer like Trion.




And then next summer if there’s no one available, then the next summer too and the one after that…


What ever did happen to Trio? Did he leave OA after that thread he made?


He’s probably still just depressed, I’m sure he’ll be back.


The difference between a great manager and Arsene Wenger is that Conte sees 2-3 bad results and says to himself ‘we are not going to win the title like that, I need to change something’. Wenger watches his whole season spin down the shithole after being regularly beaten like a sag of potatoes left, right and center, and says to himself ‘we are not going to win top4 like that, I need to change something.’ He needs to go!


Well I really do feel that Wenger is probably our best realistic choice to win stuff. Because I honestly think the board will fuck up and hire Howe or Martinez, or someone along those lines.

I’m only Wenger out in the sense that I’d love to see what someone different could do with this squad. I’m firmly in the camp though that Wenger’s transfer dealings are a much much bigger issue than any tactics he employs. I’ve been saying it a long time, but we really do need someone providing the club with more modern transfer techniques and contract management.


Think Allegri is staying at Juventus at least one more year so he could become available in 2018.



I think he already signed a two year deal and the club are choosing the right time to announce it. I think we get the news after the FA cup final.


Disagree with the point about the tactics, I think the amount of times weve lost stupid points over the years for trying to get more pretty goals instead of shutting up shop and grinding out a result is a disgrace. I think we lose 10 points a season that we shouldn’t just from that alone.


When you meet your hero


" It will be the first time in history that a team could make 75 points and miss top 4 " Staunch Arsene isn’t going anywhere.


That’s gonna be the go to phrase for Wenger this summer


“We have improved compared with last year. We have 4 more points”.


Last season we had four fewer points but we’re PL runners up, and ahead of all the other big teams.
This season we have more points but are behind all the other big clubs apart from possibly Man U, who could win two trophies.
I wonder which situation Wenger would prefer.


has he started wearing tin foil yet?