Arsène Wenger




What are people on about with this talk of the Sun twisting his words?! The headline is literally the exact words that once came out of his mouth. They might be words he said in the past but he still said them and that’s what they’ve printed.

He sold the rights to his book to that bunch of cunts and they have taken some of his words and printed them in a headline. If you reproduce someone’s words verbatim then I don’t really consider that to be twisting their words.


So he made a mistake joining Granada.
Adams is exactly the sort of player we have been lacking, and one of the main reasons for our lack of success.
He was a leader and a winner, that led by example, and was respected by top players and supporters alike.

Anyone describing Adams as a fool should look at themselves before making such a criticism.


Adams was on a hiding to nothing… The damage was already done.




Personally I think the whole thing is hilarious. You could power a small city from all the butthurt coming from both sets of Arsenal fans right now.


In my opinion, anyone who calls either one of them a ‘cunt’ is taking football a touch too seriously


While he’s one of our best ever players that doesn’t change the fact that Tony was never the sharpest pencil in the pencil case

Did anyone quote him where he talked about considering joining Man United? :wink:


"Adams wrote himself into club folklore during his decorated spell in north London.

His career ground to a halt after the 2003/04 ‘Invincibles’ campaign when he made 10 appearances that season."

Look at this sloppy journalism from The Express.

Can’t even differentiate between Keown and Adams it seems.



i see cherry picking is still an impossibly hard concept to grasp.


No one’s suggesting he was particularly bright but then there are a lot of top footballers that aren’t, and I don’t think anyone suggested he was a great coach either.
As for being tempted by and offer from Man U, I don’t know that story is true.
But if it is, I’m guessing Man U were offering massive wages and the chance to play and win more titles than he was with us.
So the fact he turned them down to stay with us makes him even more of a legend, and deserves all the plaudits he gets.
I don’t really see what your point is.


Tony Adams used Arsenal situation and Wenger to promote his book… easy to understand.


My initial point is that while calling him a ‘fool’ is probably uncalled for and insulting it isn’t really that far off the mark.

The second point was Fergie wanted him, he talked about it with United players on England duty and was considering in but then we offered him more money and he stayed. It’s from either his biography or an interview. I thought anyone who’d read it would bring it up though.


Quotes are here. No talk that we offered him more money than united. That suggestion is pretty funny if you think about it really.



Whoever the next manager is he only really needs 2 big signings in midfield to replace Ramsey/Cazorla and up front replacing Giroud. Wenger has laid a solid foundation for the next manager.


Not far off, I agree. Assuming we got Kolasinac… the big question will be what happens with Ozil and Sanchez. Lose those guys are we are definitely in a 2 steps back situation.


The mythical two big signings we have needed every season.
What if Sanchez and Ozil leave?
That will mean four big signings.



Even so, the next manager is him. And instead of shipping out the likes of Giroud and Welbeck, either playing Alexis as a CF and bringing in some quality wide options to go along with Iwobi (one good thing he stumbled upon but has now abandoned for who knows what reason) or bringing in a CF of Alexis level (much less likely than the former), and shipping off Ox, we’ll be stuck with a similar set-up next season with perhaps another decent CF thrown into the mix with Giroud and Welbz, and a CM like Goretzka which will be a small step forward in that it takes significant minutes away from Coquelin, but not nearly enough to stop us losing further ground on our competitors. Saying nothing of the more relevant tactical issues…