Arsène Wenger


He’s beaten Pep and Mourinho in recent weeks :eyes:


problem is though did both of them have their eyes on other things (league and europa) I have a feeling Pep will be a lot better after a few seasons and once he has built the squad the way he wants it.


True but it shows there’s some life in Wenger left if he can still beat the most high profile managers.



And he will beat Conte for a second time this season at the end of May.


Fuck it, why shouldn’t he be pleased with a nice little show of support like that photo? Especially after a good result today.

(Speaking generally, not aimed at you @Calum)


Pass the blunt mate.


Time to announce his new contract :wenger:


i like to think managers such the Pep and Mou can manage more than one competition. its not like they manage everton and west ham either


Yeah with any television company of his choice.


We’re gonna know on Wednesday


yet another award for the player we didn’t sign in order to protect Le Coq’s development

head in hands man


That just isn’t true though, is it?


if anything is was Xhaka or Kante.


Yes it is

I don’t have the quote to hand but he said it when asked ‘why didn’t you sign Kante?’

Answer was approx. ‘I didn’t want to stall Coquelin’s development’

I saw or heard him say it, this season, at a presser I think, was gobsmacked


I remember Alan Smith saying that in his opinion we didn’t go for Kante because at the time Wenger thought Coquelin could do that job. But I don’t recall, and can’t find, any quotes attributed to Wenger confirming that.


Well I’ve never heard any quotes to that effect, maybe you could post them?

I do remember Wenger saying that he wanted to sign Kante, but he chose Chelsea over us, which makes the idea that he didn’t sign him to protect Coquelin’s development look like a load of rubbish.


To be honest.

Coquelin last season hasn’t played badly as this season and what was needed for our midfield was a commander playmaker with the quality to keep the ball and assist.

Imagine to have Kantè (great player), Coquelin, Elneny and Ramsey on midfield. The death of the football… and surely anyone would have blamed Arsène to the lack of quality and the mistake made not buying a playmaker.


I canb’t be arsed coz it don’t matter, I got better shit to do

the player was available, failure to get him for whatever reason was a major balls up

simple as, he would have transformed our team and everyone knows it

apart from Wenger


Dont lie you old git. Find a source.