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When you finally end that Mourinho hoodoo

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Wenger said nothing of the sort, it was Alan Smith’s opinion.

If the player chose Chelsea then thats that.


While I tend to agree with this conclusion in this situation, it is always this way, isn’t it? “That’s that” because in the end we DIDN’T land the player, ergo it was out of our control. Always a reason we stay with our insufficient squad and miss out on these great emergent players. And as it turns out, his judgment on Le Coq was probably wrong - he really isn’t all that great. Had one purple patch and looks back to his headless ways this year.

The problem with “transfers that didn’t happen” is that there are a million reasons they didn’t, but in the end the accumulation of missed moves and wrong moves leads us to where we are, which is a collection of Europa League players bar a couple of superstars, one of which looks bit lost in the team atm.

I think it was one of the blogs who recently wrote that we were missing technical players and creative players most critically, and I agree with this - Santi’s absence has exposed how dire a gap this is really. We have so few players of real intelligence, technique, and creativity and it leaves us looking quite pedestrian the vast majority of the time. Think about RVP, Cesc, Hleb, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg - we always had multiple super creative and clever players.

AW is done but will persist 2 more years - can’t see anything but more of the same. Fight for top 4, maybe get a chance at a Cup with a little bit of luck, Europe is an afterthought.


I think this pretty much describes where Wenger has gone wrong.
He is no where near aggressive enough in the transfer market and it has cost us, not only trophies, but our top players leaving as well.
The lack of world class creative players, apart from Ozil and Sanchez, is about as poor as I can remember.

I was going to say it has cost him his job as well, but I’m beginning to think, after the Man U win, that he may well have the front to sign a new contract.


Even if it takes more than ten seasons to do it.

Wenger’s record against the other top clubs is dismal.

No other manager in Europe has a worse record against Mourinho.


I’m gonna go ahead and ask you to prove this one.


No away wins against any of the current top 10, I believe.

That’s a shocking record.


Wenger has had a really bad record over top 6 for years now. The odd win doesn’t suddenly make him a mastermind. That was the most lacklustre United side Ive seen us play. They even looked better that time they beat us with 7 defenders on the pitch including O’Shea in mid fucking field.


If you can find another manager of a top club who hasn’t beaten Mourinho in fourteen attempts then there is your answer.
Wenger has tried for over ten seasons and has just beaten him.
Whatever way you want to spin it, that is an appalling record.


To be fair you asserted something as fact, it falls upon you to prove that it’s a fact rather than someone else to prove it isn’t.

Plus you’ve shifted the goalposts by adding “top club”


Cmon lads, I’m loving this Wenger defending in this thread today, get in!!!


Some of us work in percentages :hipster:


At the same time also though to be fair do people not see what Mourinho does every single fucking time he comes to face Arsenal, he plays so negatively like even yesterday at some points he literally had a backline if 6 or more players…then he would hoof it and catch us offguard and win the game. Of course some of those games we were shit and got thrashed but that happens against all teams, i mean we got thrased by watford ffs.

Look at all of the games we have had draws against him though, it is quite a lot and that is because the utter prat will always roll up to the emirates and just put 10 men behind the ball and be like break us down and try to nick a win meanwhile. Yes that is his general tactic for the bigger teams but he always used to go hardcore against arsenal like he feared losing to us!


Fair enough.
I will change my post to:
I find it almost impossible to believe that any other manager in Europe has a worse record against Mourinho :grinning:


I guess he had a big party yesterday :wenger:


Defeated United, yes, we should be happy for a moment…


One of the best records at home though.


You have to judge him overall against the top 6, think this years record was 2-3-5 which again ranks us well below par.