Arsène Wenger


From AKB to AK47. Good on you Maxi.


No I wanted Wenger to prove me wrong and win the league again, believe what you want but I’m not happy how its all panned out.




Our transfer record is on par with Liverpool ffs


I know that you’re whinging about football fans on social media, which is all I needed to know to dispense the previous advice.


In my humble opinion to show the banner around the World, during marches not linked with football or Arsenal, during events not linked with Arsenal, into situations not linked with Arsenal, only to finish into the socials and become viral, is for me a farce and desire to become famous, like Robbie which opened a Youtube Account or DT which watches the games with a camera pointed on his ugly face to earn money and followers.


So thats your real gripe they earn money and you dont…


Your so obsessed with Robbie and DT. Get over them ffs :joy::joy: embarrassing how you always mention them

Robbie hasn’t done anything wrong don’t know why you always mention him? #agenda


Very wishy washy stuff from you Maxi tbf, one day you are enraged and you are just as cutting as everyone else about wenger, then all of a sudden you are fine with proceedings again and telling everyone off for being pissed off still…guess what nothing is going to change even if he wins a match everyone can see that wenger is done now…even as regards his age he cannot carry on for much longer but meanwhile he is royally fucking us over, but you are carrying on like a person which is bipolar.


This thread needs a good sleep - or rather hibernation… can see nothing coming from it until AW is gone honestly, which is just another piece of the whole tragic mess.


I still have high hopes for Asano lol


I hope you are right jakey boy, but with Wenger you can’t be sure.
I can see him forfeiting sanchez’transfer fee just to get his new contact. He’s devious c**t.


Expect this thread to erupt again today.


A win against City in the cup next game should be a good enough time to announce the signed contract :wenger:


Beat me to it.


For sure. They just need the right moment to announce it, but he is clearly staying.


Good to see new tactic, but will be interesting to see if he will return with the back four against City. Could be a suicide to play against Sanè, Sterling, KDB and Navas (as RB) with 3 CBs and only two wingers.


Appreciate him trying something new this evening but it’s come much too late.


Agreed. Its almost like he’s panicing and using his wild card in an attempt to convince us he can adapt. Granted its a pessimistic view, but in reality we still looked very average in large parts of the game.