Arsène Wenger


Talks to Lee Dixon on NBC after the match


Kind of surprised to see ManU so closely clustered with the others, but yeah, we have been kind of sh*t and are in the place we deserve atm.


So Tottenham are the best team in the League according to that graph.


Wenger in.


The answer to “who are the leaders in the dressing room” was painful.


Get the fire ready for the £200m or give it to charity because it will be wasted on this French c**t.




Highbury didn’t die for this.


No! But the soul of the club did Rednwhite.
Wenger stole our soul.


Agreed LenG



[quote]“It’s more natural for local players because they have been educated in Arsenal - players like Ramsey, Chamberlain,” Wenger said.

“They have to take charge.”

He added: "They should lead and take responsibility to say ‘yes, that is how we want to behave, this is how we want to play, let’s go together’.

“If they didn’t want it, that would be a huge disappointment.”[/quote]

Pretty bizarre comments coming from him? He’s tried the old back 3 and not got too much joy and now he’s trying the classic “mind games in the media”? :bellerin:


Bored of him to be honest… never thought I would think that even just 2-3 years ago…


shades of Mourinho when he lost Chelsea. What a fall from grace and an absolute black mark on his name.


we will see.


The perfect scenario would be for Arsene to win the FA Cup then bow out on a high note. Parade the trophy around town and wave goodbye to the fans. I think that is as good as any outcome could be for all parties.


Getting flashbacks to 2014 here


Been there, not done that.


A lot has happened since then tbh


As a fanbase we’re being being manoeuvred nicely into position for next season. I bet most fans now wouldn’t expect Wenger to leave based on tomorrow’s result. Many fans are now coming round to the idea of a 6th place finish and a two year deal, even if they hate the thought of it

The anger is morphing into apathy, as it was always going to. The Club could use a cup win as positive Wenger PR, but I think it’s non-essential and that in itself I find hilarious


Maybe, but probably not on planet Wenger.

If he can win the FA cup after an unbeaten run in our next 7 league games, possibly with a big performance against Spurs and/or United then he’ll probably convince himself that we’ve turned a corner and he’s still got it.

And winning the FA cup before has been on the whole an unspectacular achievement. We beat a shit Hull and a dogshit Villa in the finals, we blagged our way past United with what was effectively an own goal. If he was to win this one then he’ll have toppled Guardiola in the semis and beaten a solid Chelsea side who will probably be league champions at the time in the final. That would show this side had some bottle and again probably convince him that we’d turned a corner and next season will be great.

I think the only compromise I could take with him staying is him signing a one year deal. It seems fair after he’s basically shown that he’s past it now and if he won’t ever resign mid-contract then it’ll be the tidiest way for him to get out when the time comes and also mean he has something to play for.