Arsène Wenger


Stop crying ya fucking baby…




Haven’t seen one at a Grand Prix yet, hopefully that’s put right at Bahrain tomorrow!

So far we’ve had: football, cricket, lacrosse, ice hockey, basketball, Aussie rules, WWE, political rally, weddings


Thought there would be one at the national… Not seen anything…the snooker has just started so hopeful of something there…



[quote=“Robin_L, post:6301, topic:125”]
Haven’t seen one at a Grand Prix yet, hopefully that’s put right at Bahrain tomorrow!
[/quote]Hopefully at the Russian GP soon, they’ll be one with “In Soviet Russia, Wenger out you”.


I thought this was quite funny tbh


“I honestly don’t know”?!




Your mate


You say this.

Then say this.[quote=“Maxi_Gooner, post:6296, topic:125”]
I would like to be relegated
What kind of supporter wants their club relegated.

I’m convinced you are not an Arsenal supporter, just a Wenger supporter.

You use the word “pathetic” several times.
It is probably the best description of the manager and players you could use this season.
You defend Wenger but you must know it is him who has dragged us down to where we are.


The Ox out? :mustafi:


I think it’s worth noting that in 13/14 we were in a similar position where he hadn’t signed (though obviously there was less resistance to him signing then) and we got our highest point tally since 08 and won the FA cup and then he signed in June.

I think it’s the future of half our players that’s probably more destabilising.


It seems like the more obvious answer is for you to spend less time on social media.


My words are a paradox. I’m not like the WOB which want Arsenal to fail to sack Wenger and the players.


What do you know about me?

Have I opened a crowfunding site to earn money for the banners? Have I opened a Youtube channel? Have I opened a Twitter account to have followers?


^ probably all of the above.


Take down the barricades Maxi called the revolution off again.


Maxi…you dont even know who you are…
You do and you dont
you will and you wont…

Arsene Wenger he’s brilliant!!



I’m against the new contract and Arsène needs to go, even if we will reach the top 4 and the FA Cup final.

Arsenal need a revolution as soon as possible.


I was, I’m and forever I will be grateful to the best manager of our history, two days ago sent to Highbury House a letter for him, but unfortunately he is not longer to help Arsenal to make a step forward.