Arsène Wenger


Yeah I get that guys and I realize that fading out an accent as an adult is a difficult and conscious process but I also thought/think there is some element of involuntary/unconscious change in the way you speak when you live in a local, regarding to the spoken language, environment, especially over such long period of time. This is just a common sense logic I’m applying here that is not in any way pertaining to pronunciation only but can be applied regarding any form of objects - put an object in a different environment over a long period of time and it is bound to be in some way influenced by that environment, more or less.

So what strikes me as odd is not that he has not mastered a perfect English accent over 20 years of living in London, but that he hasn’t been at all influenced in the way he speaks and he sounds exactly the same as he sounded 20 years ago. I would have expected him to have picked up different pronunciation on at least some words, involuntarily. Mark the word different, not perfect or local. It doesn’t have to be good, fluent local pronunciation, just different.


Hahaha yeah but that was clearly put on, like McClaren’s Dutch accent at Twente.


Jan Molby has a scouse twang… Surely Arsene would be giving it the old apples n pears by now guvnor :wink:


imagine getting a manager from the j league now. my god.



It’s like giving someone £200 to go shopping in Primark.
They will buy loads of stuff that is poorly made that will start falling apart as soon as they put it on, rather than buying just a few things that are decent quality that will last.

There is no way our board will give any manager 200m to spend on players, let alone Wenger, unless we sell our best players first.
When Sanchez and Ozil leave, because we won’t be playing CL football next season, we won’t be able to attract any top class players anyway, so 200m is irrelavent.


I live in Gloucestershire and still waiting for my yokel accent to develop :speak_no_evil:

Wenger looks very scholarly there, as I remember him. I still have the Evening Standard edition somewhere of October 1st, 1996 I think it was - “ARSÈNE WHO?”

Arsenal was being ridiculed in the press at the time much like today, plenty of articles about Tony Adam’s personal life splashed all over the tabloids. Anyway I was of the age where I was really excited by this new guy, no-one around me knew anything about Monaco or his background, plus he was only the third foreign manager since football began in 1992.

I remember others being sceptical because Chelsea had just got the legendary Ruud Gullit in and we had this bespectacled individual in a poorly fitting suit :laughing:



I remember Dragan Stojković was the apparent successor of Wenger years ago, he used to manage in the J League but is in the Chinese League now!


15 years and that should have been that…


Looked such a nerd with that pair of glasses.


:joy::joy: Guy really is this meme



That’s an amazing thing to say by Wenger.

“We focus too much in what is superficial and not take care of the essentials.”

I was under the impression he was doing the opposite.


At the end of the day we have one option. He goes or stays. Everything else is meaningless right now.
He whatever we think of him has given his stance. Up to the board to deal with it.


More evidence accent can change


Just seen on my fb feed there’s a couple on their wedding day with a Wenger Out sign :grinning:

The bar keeps getting raised


Yeah silly superficial things like league position, points, ACTUAL trophies…

The essential top 4 position - 100% record so far - can anyone else say that???

Even that ridiculous defense will likely be gone this year.


He never talks about what happens behind the scenes, tbh.


I love it when he’s in a jokey mood. :wenger: