Arsène Wenger


Worldwide banner.


What are the odds that when we finish behind Spurs this season they start talking “St. Arsene’s Day”?


I dont think that would really work as a taunt, as it would just highlight that in over 20 years they’ve only managed to finish above Arsene’s team once. Even when Tottenham finish above us this season I can’t see them making such a big deal about it without some cost to themselves as it just underlines how shit they’ve been for so long.


Someone asked on having a St Arsenal day on one of their forums. The reply was they think they’re ‘bigger’ and ‘less childish’ than us


It takes about a decade of consistently humiliating and crushing your rival’s dreams for a St Something day to appear.


Can you just pay to get your own billboard message in Times Square then? That’s kinda neat


Not if you are a spud… :wenger:


I can see Wenger the knob keeping Sanchez for his last year and costing us £50,000,000 transfer dosh + £300,000 a week wages.
Sanchez for a year means nothing to this club. If he’s going let him go now and bring in a long term prospect with the money from sale of Sanchez.
But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter who you bring in if we don’t have coach. We will win nothing with Wenger.
I wonder what will happen when middlesboro have go at us?. No balls in this team so it could be interesting. Lol.
And the plot thickens.

I hope she doesn’t make watch the middlesboro game. It scares me. Lol.


If he stays for the final year of his contract he won’t be getting 300k a week (not that I believe that story anyway). The 300k a week is what he’ll supposedly get if he signs a new deal Len


lay off the port Lenny.


Royal Courts of Justice. :giroud:




You can bet your ass he’ll be re-signed if we win the FA Cup, top 4 or not. He’ll use the FA Cup as a way to say that the club still has a winning spirit, and the board will eat it up.

Hell, even if we don’t get to the Final, they’ll use playing at Wembley as winning spirit and he’ll be re-signed anyway. He’s not going anywhere until he’s dead.


it can be arranged muahahahahahahaha :henry2: (joking of course before anyone says i am going too far)


This boy with the banner make the protest a meme and pathetic.


It’s a worldwide meme, this one from Ethiopia is well… Lol. (Unless he wants Alexis to leave also? :thinking:)



Wenger Out banner around the World shows how is pathetic our fanbase. I would like to be relegated to leave these social media monkeys in the past.


Pathetic article. Stop with this fucking agenda against Wenger & Arsenal. An article like this make me laugh because is pathetic.

I don’t know if is true or not, but can Henry work with Sky, Belgium national team and Arsenal in the same time? Pathetic.

Can Henry work with the Arsenal first team players until Friday and talk about them as pundit during the weekend? Pathetic!


Used to say that about the JCLs…
Btw the baners are brilliant… #wengerout