Arsène Wenger


More like your uncle spiraling from a fun party dude that liked to throw some beers down with the boys to a degenerate alcoholic stealing their kids money to buy an airplane bottle of vodka and getting 5 OWI’s.


At this rate, we’re going to have to hire staff from United Airlines to remove him!


Moyes was a decent manager but there were a few seasons where Everton were in the bottom half when Moyes was there, and although Martinez was also a good manager playing attractive football he didn’t seem to have the authority and aggression that Koeman has.
In fact Martinez and Wenger have similar personalities and I think we need a much stronger character to rebuild the team.

There is no guarantee with Koeman but he has done well at two PL clubs, he plays good football and is the best option out there if we want a manager that is in this league.

Either Allegri or Simeone would be a great replacement for Wenger but they are both at clubs that are better than us.
They would have to be persuaded by an massive increase in wages and a budget that could make us challenge for the top trophies and although we could afford it, I don’t trust our board.

Kroenke isn’t interested in success.
His only interested in profit, so Allegri or Simeone might prove too expensive for Kroenke, who has no interest in football or the supporters.


To put into context though Everton prior to Moyes had several seasons fighting relegation. So a bottom half finish wasn’t a bad thing for Everton back then. He did get regular 60 point finishes and looked like someone who deserved a shot at a big club. I think certain things worked against him. In the modern game you need contacts and be ITK to sign top players. While Moyes was chasing Fabregas all summer Wenger said ‘my information is he won’t leave Barca this summer’. I also think players downed tools quite early on.

When it comes to Koeman he has done a good job for the last 3 years but did have failures at Ajax and Valencia. If we’re getting an Ajax man I’d love to see Bergkamp here, that’s part sentimentality on my part and it’ll likely never happen. I’ve heard good things about the De Boer brothers but it’s early days for them.


What about Guus Hiddink with Bergkamp as 1st team coach and overmars as director of football ops? I think we’re getting stuck in this rut of wanting to find another “forever manager” when that’s just not the way that football is these days.


Imo having ex players coming back to manage their old team is something we should avoid. I certainly don’t want an ex player who’s been managed by Wenger here. Whatever they say themselves, the influence Wenger had has certainly rubbed off on them! We need new thoughts and new blood within the coaching staff as a whole. Because it’s not working as it is now.
It could have worked in the Ferguson/Moyes situation though imo. Ferguson had a setup that worked when he left and Moyes aught to have utilised it to his advantage. Especially in a big club as Utd. Instead he sacked most of them and brought in his own.

Wengers system is obviously not working (and hasn’t for many years) on so many levels. Tactics, defensive set pieces, fitness etc etc. We need a bigger overhaul! Which sadly can take a few seasons but it’s needed.




Got reminded of this today, still so painfully accurate :joy:


Haha brilliant.


Never overestimate ourselves, and never underestimate the opponents


I read some pricks on the board are going to give winger £200m. What a fooking joke. I pissed myself.

I liken it to me giving my g/daughter £200 to spend in a chocolate factory.
just imagine the fun she’d have spending it, but the end result would be the same has W engers. They’d both have loads of Shiite that isn’t good for you.

Our once great club is becoming a farcical fooking joke.
She made watch it the other night. Test.
I managed 38 minutes. My first thought was this a shambles. WTF is happening.
Then when they scored I actually burst out laughing. Fooking laughing out loud.

Went in the bedroom to my missus who was watching fookin Mrs Brown. What a chuff. She made me watch that Shiite while she watched Mrs Brown. I don’t think I can ever forgive her.


Time to go


This is possibly one of the best things posted in this thread :joy:



“Yes, he’s kept them holding on”. Even back in September 1996, he liked to keep everyone waiting :laughing:

I really miss ‘Highbury’ Wenger. Looked so much more assured of what he was doing back then.


He looks so happy there and full of life.


Isn’t it weird that his accent hasn’t changed a bit after more than 20 years of life in London?

I guess it just proves that this man is incapable of change.


Not really as he already spoke English when he joined.


You get your accent between the ages of 7-9, so if he wasn’t living in England between those ages he wouldn’t have gotten n English accent.


@Cristo and @shamrockgooner you’re both talking utter nonsense.

Joey Barton went to Marseille on loan as a grown man and developed a thick French accent within a month :smile: